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Having it both ways

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/09/25

HIV/AIDS theory and practice force its adherents to commit absurd fundamental contradictions.

On the one hand, they say, the disease is acquired primarily through culpably risky behavior: promiscuous unprotected sex or injecting harmful drugs with second-hand needles. On the other hand, they urge us earnestly and perpetually not to stigmatize people who have acquired the virus through (in most cases) their own fault.

On the one hand, they say, breast feeding by “HIV-positive” mothers transmits HIV to their infants. On the other hand, they urge African mothers to breast-feed their infants to the exclusion of formula because the exclusively breast-fed infants become “HIV-positive” less frequently.

Dr. Frank Spinelli offers another example. He is “is the former Clinical Director of HIV Services at New York City’s Cabrini Medical Center. Today, he serves the community in a more comprehensive capacity as a board certified internist, with a large HIV+ and gay men’s health private practice in Manhattan. Dr. Spinelli is also an Associate Clinical Professor of New York Medical College. Dr. Spinelli is the monthly healthcare columnist for The Advocate, the oldest continuing gay publication in the United States and the host of Ask the Doctor on” — evidently an eminently authoritative expert on HIV matters. He offers cosmetic Sculptra® treatment to hide the ravages of lipodystrophy inflicted by HAART:
“It’s not like other cosmetic procedures; it’s about restoring someone’s normal appearance. They shouldn’t be punished for having HIV by looking as though they have an illness” [emphasis added].

“HIV” is not an illness.
Why then administer lipodystrophy-inducing drugs in the first place?

8 Responses to “Having it both ways”

  1. Justwannaknow said

    To add a few more:

    HIV mutates continuously:Yet in 30 years has not mutated itself into non-viability, increased pathogenicity, or decreased pathogenicity. Stays the same but always changes?

    HIV is a threat to humanity:Yet in the US and EU has remained mostly confined to certain target groups and in Africa these target groups are the exact opposite of those found in the US and EU.

    HIV is a slow virus, that’s why there is a 8-10 year latency period: In the acute phase, HIV multiples rapidly.

    Even though we have cloned HIV and know exactly its structure, all vaccines that try to illicit an antibody response have been failures: we use an antibody test to diagnose HIV infection.

    Bob Gallo is a great humanitarian and scientist:the only thing that kept Bob Gallo out of jail for research fraud was the Republicans taking over the US House of Representatives.

  2. mo79uk said

    “It’s become like a chronic disease,” said Dorcas Baker, nurse site director for a Johns Hopkins AIDS education and training center. “People are living long and healthier lives with HIV.”,0,5075959.story

    I suppose you could class healthy living as a chronic disease.

  3. Anna Kenny said

    Henry, I dont think it is a case that most people acquire it through their own fault….this is a failing of society , that it does view ‘human with dis – ease’ as a culpable agent, that society views he/she through the lense of moral do’s and donts.. promiscuity is a strange animal or maybe a primordial instinct when the species is under threat .. when I look at young people ( including my own ) and those who are unloved isolated socially excluded – the act of sex is one of survival – we need new names for this drive. Not all individuals who engage sexually with several partners from their social groupings are ‘promiscuous’ . It is a very de humanising term in my view. It is in need of expansion theoretically and from a humanitarian and philosophical perspective. It is our Neanderthal root coming into play again in any environment where the species is threatened and there is a kind of poetry in it – of the soul, and the being.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Anna Kenny:
      I agree with you that when people test “HIV+” it is NOT their own fault. My point is that according to mainstream dogma one becomes “HIV+” only through actions that are reprehensible; at the same time as THEY say so, THEY THEMSELVES say there should be no stigma attached to it. That’s one of the many self-contradictions in mainstream HIV/AIDS assertions.

    • Guy said

      Since HIV is not sexually transmitted, it is not clear what promiscuity has to do with it. The behaviour that makes AIDS self-inflicted is primarily drug abuse.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Yes, “HIV” is not sexually transmitted; as my book shows, it isn’t infectious at all. But the point of my blog post was that the mainstream calls it infectious sometimes and at other times makes assertions that contradict itself.

      • Guy said

        Dr. Bauer,

        Thank you. My comment was to Anna Kenny’s post, which seems to be talking of sexual behavior.

  4. I am doing ethnomedical research on “stigma” in Zimbabwe and, yes, contradictions abound in HIV-related public health communication. Stigma is so bad now (in my view) because it was ‘they’ (the global pandemic managers) who wanted to scare people into noticing that there was a new disease on the block in the first place. Now that their hysteric-psychological scare tactics (driven largely via the mass-media)have seemingly succeeded, they cry ‘stigma!’

    I also note in my research that stigma itself is actually being stigmatised by the HIV-managers when, in fact, stigma is a natural response to disease. According to the old people in my community, stigma is targeted not at the person/sufferer but the malicious (hated) virus invading the person. This is why when someone is nursed back to health, stigma disappears. As such, stigma needs to be appreciated and embraced, not stigmatised and demonised.

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