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HPV vaccination: a thalidomide-type scandal

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2017/09/17

I’ve posted a number of times about the lack of proof that HPV causes cervical cancer and that the anti-HPV vaccines are being touted widely by officialdom as well as manufacturers even though the vaccines have been associated with an unusually high number of adverse reactions, some of them very severe, literally disabling.

Long-time medical journalist and producer of award-winning documentaries, Joan Shenton, has just made available the first of a projected trilogy, Sacrificial Virgins, about the dangers of anti-HPV vaccines:

The website, WHAT DOCTORS WON’T TELL YOU, comments in this way: “HPV vaccine ‘a second thalidomide scandal’, says new YouTube documentary”


One Response to “HPV vaccination: a thalidomide-type scandal”

  1. David Crowe said

    I recently interviewed the Press Officer for the UK Association for HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters, and have interviewed, but not yet published, Sin Hang Lee, an MD and pathologist who wrote to the head of WHO in 2016 complaining about corruption in the approval of the HPV vaccine.

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