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AIDS Rethinking presented in Mainstream Conferences

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/09/29

AIDS Rethinking was again disseminated to mainstream researchers, this time at the 65th Annual Congress of the Italian Society for Anatomy and Histology  in Padua, 27-29 September 2011.
An extensive poster presentation (authors: Ruggiero, Pacini, Punzi, Morucci, Gulisano, Köhnlein, Bauer) discussed “The Clinical Significance of Immune-System Laboratory Tests”. The poster makes the following salient points:
→   Scientists accept conclusions of experts in fields outside their own specialties. The resulting mainstream “consensus” can remain unchanged for a long time even after the experts have modified or discarded their earlier conclusions.
→    That is so with HIV/AIDS, where evidence has accumulated that the original hypothesis was wrong:

♦    Kaposi’s sarcoma is not caused by HIV.
♦    Many clinical AIDS cases were found to be HIV-negative
(and renamed — entirely ad  hoc — “idiopathic CD4-T-cell lymphopenia”).
♦    Anti-retroviral drugs often cause clinical deterioration instead of
helping patients recover (“immune restoration syndrome”).
Patients on Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART)
experience more adverse non-AIDS events than AIDS events.
♦    “HIV” tests are anything but specific; false-positives arise from a host of conditions
that are not necessarily health-threatening.
♦    CD4 counts are not a good biomarker of clinical condition, nor a criterion of illness,
still less a reason for instituting HAART.

→   Treating manifest illnesses has a better record of good patient outcomes than does antiretroviral treatment.
→   CD4 counts can be increased quickly and safely by means of probiotic dietary supplements.
[The poster is available for download but takes appreciable time because of its size, ~32 MB as jpg and ~50 MB as pdf]

Expanding on the question of CD4 counts and probiotics, Pacini, Punzi, Morucci, Ruggiero, & Cheney presented a study entitled “Macrophages of the Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue (MALT) as key elements of the immune response to vitamin D binding protein-macrophage activating factor (GcMAF)”:
→    Probiotic yogurt has been shown to increase CD4 counts in people living with HIV/AIDS.
→   The results were not replicated with encapsulated probiotics, suggesting the need for an additional factor. GcMAF has been found to act as such a factor.
→   Increased CD4 counts under such a regimen have been demonstrated recently in several control subjects, in an HIV-positive patient, and in two individuals affected by chronic fatigue syndrome.
→   Natural Killer (NK) cell counts increased as well as CD4 counts and CD4/CD8 ratio. The significance is that NK cells influence the quality of immune responses, are associated with the clinical prognosis for “HIV-positive” patients,  and play a major role in HIV elite controllers.
→   There were also favorable changes in hematological parameters indicative of bone-marrow function, and there was significant improvement in general health.

The substance of these posters is available in printed form in the Italian Journal of Anatomy & Embryology, 116 #1 (2011) respectively pages 157 and 136.

5 Responses to “AIDS Rethinking presented in Mainstream Conferences”

  1. Henry Bauer said

    Go to PubMed and search for CD4, or for CD4 and HIV, and you will find many studies. SOME correlate CD4 with “viral load” or CD4, OTHERS DO NOT. On my blog, read Juliane Sacher’s articles:

  2. Kristina said

    “As in other studies, we found that survival was not influenced by demographic characteristics or CD4 lymphocyte count”

    Narasimhan M et al. Intensive Care in Patients With HIV Infection in the Era of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy. Chest. 2004 May 01;125(5):1800-1804.

    “Immunological status [largely CD4 cell counts] generally poorly reflected clinical condition”

    The European Collaborative Study. Fluctuations in Symptoms in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Children: The First 10 Years of Life. Pediatrics. 2001 Jul;108(1):116-22.

    Look up more quotes in this site:

  3. BSdetector said


    Have you read this article. Funny, actually sad, how they can conclude that the PSA test does not “save lives” yet seem unable to make the same conclusion for the “HIV” test. I suspect the reason why is that the inaccurate PSA test attacked men in general, and was not targeted to gay, bisexual, IV drug users, African-Americans, and Africans. These are people that society has never really given much value. As long as bogus inaccurate tests destroy the lives of only certain people, well that is fine.

    • Henry Bauer said

      You’re surely right that “society” cares less (if at all) for minority and out-of-favor individuals and groups. But there’s much generally wrong with medical “science” and how it gets applied. Clinical trials are typically too short and knowingly biased toward favorable outcomes. Drugs approved under “accelerated” procedures are supposed to be carefully monitored after marketing, but they are mostly not. tests like PSA become routine and it takes a long time before reality catches up with accepted practices.

  4. DC asked “what is the benefit of taking substances that raise the CD4 count?”

    As you know, anti-retroviral drugs are themselves life threatening. Thus anything that keeps your CD4 counts high and reduces the pressure to start HAART “therapy” can be considered life preserving. Besides that, indications such as feeling better and having more energy are enough for me to desire to partake of MAF 3 14 on a regular basis, except when I’m pregnant.

    As a guy, I remain unlikely to become pregnant, but I am aware that fetuses (or possibly placentas) emit nagalase, which somehow prevents formation of GcMAF and thus prevents activation of macrophages, presumably to prevent them from attacking the fetus as cells which are not cells with the same chromosomes as those of the mother.

    Indeed, if gp120, thought of as an HIV viral coat protein, which also acts like nagalase and inhibits production of GcMAF, is a common component that triggers an HIV+ test result, then HIV+ IS itself an actual cause of partial suppression of the immune system. This would encourage me to take Ruggiero’s MAF 3 14 on general principles. But of course you should think that through on your own. IANAD, I am not a doctor.

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