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Vienna Conference program, talks, TV coverage

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/07/30

The program of the Vienna Conference remains available, the abstracts are  posted, and the PowerPoints of the talks are promised. In the meantime, here are the slides from my presentation, “Hindrances to scientific progress and the failings of HIV/AIDS theory”. Slides 11-14 summarize some of the main points that speak against HIV/AIDS theory.

A continuing highlight has been the coverage of our work by Russian television, which demonstrated what happens when independent, un-indoctrinated journalists pose questions: Rethinkers show that they know what they are talking about whereas proponents of the mainstream can only blather tired generalities. One is even tempted to feel sorry for Dr. Andrew Ball, of  the HIV/AIDS Department at the World Health Organization, who displays his painful ignorance at some length as he invents such things as the way in which the HIV/AIDS experience has led to all sorts of good things for medicine and virology and marginalized groups — AIDS: questions remain unanswered.
Other coverage includes
AIDS treatment for all
CrossTalk: The AIDS Industry
AIDS skeptics take on conventional wisdom
Scientific community at odds over HIV/AIDS theory

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Two AIDS conferences in Vienna

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/07/26

Professor Marco Ruggiero has now sent this much fuller account of proceedings in Vienna, including tidbits from the Rethinkers’ Congress as well as more material from the XVIIIth International organized by the International AIDS Society. From the latter conference, the intent  of some of the slogans and posters is inscrutable to this blogger, while others could even be regarded as pornographic. It remains, though, that at this mainstream conference, several presentations support points that Rethinkers have been making.

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Denialism within the XVIIIth International AIDS Conference

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/07/24

Professor Marco Ruggiero has provided this sampling of material from  this month’s  XVIIIth International AIDS Conference in Vienna that confirms some of the critiques that Rethinkers have been making of mainstream contentions, for example:

♦♦♦  Circumcision does not prevent “HIV”

♦♦♦  The “epidemic” is expected to continue until at least 2031

♦♦♦  Continuing present practices means death

♦♦♦  Doing nothing causes less harm than testing and treating

♦♦♦  Patients who discontinue HAART feel better and do better

♦♦♦  There should be no criminal penalty for transmitting “HIV”

♦♦♦  The “HIV” epidemic in Africa cannot be explained
by multiple concurrent sexual partnerships

All these points are made by mainstream researchers whose contributions to this conference were accepted only after vetting by panels of experts. Here is the material sent by Professor Ruggiero in the form of  PowerPoint slides of the actual presentations.

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AIDS Rethinking in PubMed

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/07/23

HIV/AIDS vigilantes tried to keep out of Medical Hypotheses and out of the database and abstracting service of the National Library of Medicine (PubMed) the publication by Duesberg et al. pointing out that AIDS deaths in South Africa are egregiously exaggerated — 20-fold times! — by the WHO computers.
As earlier noted, this is now published in a well-established, peer-reviewed, PubMed-indexed journal, together with calculations using mainstream data showing that about half of all positive “HIV” tests in the USA are false in the sense of not presaging illness; and other tidbits:

What numbers mean: 50% of “HIV-positives” are long-term non-progressors;
REPRINT of Galletti & Bauer;
Medical students in Africa need not fear HIV.

This is now duly entrenched in the PubMed database.

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From Vienna

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/07/19

Our “alternative” conference got excellent coverage on Russian TV, [Note added 2017-3-15: RT has apparently wiped its archive, and the link is now a Wayback-Machine recovery of the original page; but the recovery does not include the videos that had been linked to the original web page].

Of course the official conference is getting reams of coverage, including for blatant lies. The Frankfurter Allgemeine today credits “combined international efforts” for bringing the rate of new infections from 3 million in 2001 down to 2.7 now, when the change is actually owing to a slight decrease in computer estimates forced because even the mainstream couldn´t find a basis for the earlier figures even in their computers.

Vienna was chosen as the conference´s locale because it´s close to Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where the “epidemic” is growing fastest…

fueled, of course, by dirty needles (see earlier posts on Estonia etc.) Does anyone in the mainstream, or any journalist parroting this sort of thing, consider what sort of mass behavior it would take to have an epidemic caused by needle-sharing? Like that “in parts of Russia” where the rate of new infections has gone up **700 percent**

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