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Having it both ways

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/09/25

HIV/AIDS theory and practice force its adherents to commit absurd fundamental contradictions.

On the one hand, they say, the disease is acquired primarily through culpably risky behavior: promiscuous unprotected sex or injecting harmful drugs with second-hand needles. On the other hand, they urge us earnestly and perpetually not to stigmatize people who have acquired the virus through (in most cases) their own fault.

On the one hand, they say, breast feeding by “HIV-positive” mothers transmits HIV to their infants. On the other hand, they urge African mothers to breast-feed their infants to the exclusion of formula because the exclusively breast-fed infants become “HIV-positive” less frequently.

Dr. Frank Spinelli offers another example. He is “is the former Clinical Director of HIV Services at New York City’s Cabrini Medical Center. Today, he serves the community in a more comprehensive capacity as a board certified internist, with a large HIV+ and gay men’s health private practice in Manhattan. Dr. Spinelli is also an Associate Clinical Professor of New York Medical College. Dr. Spinelli is the monthly healthcare columnist for The Advocate, the oldest continuing gay publication in the United States and the host of Ask the Doctor on” — evidently an eminently authoritative expert on HIV matters. He offers cosmetic Sculptra® treatment to hide the ravages of lipodystrophy inflicted by HAART:
“It’s not like other cosmetic procedures; it’s about restoring someone’s normal appearance. They shouldn’t be punished for having HIV by looking as though they have an illness” [emphasis added].

“HIV” is not an illness.
Why then administer lipodystrophy-inducing drugs in the first place?

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