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Treatment Guidelines are dangerous

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/06/22

Already some of my earliest posts exposed the lie implicit in calling antiretroviral drugs “life-saving”:

— “the NIH Fact Sheet reports deaths ‘from liver failure, kidney disease, and cardiovascular complications’ in the first decade of HAART (‘cocktail’) therapy, and the largest study to date (of 22,000 patients) found that the drugs do not decrease mortality — in other words, they don’t save lives” (Best treatment for HIV: This year’s advice, last year’s, or next year’s?).

— The official Treatment Guidelines of the National Institutes of Health change incessantly, are based more on opinion than on scientific evidence, rely on surrogate markers rather than patient health, and are so complex and change so often that physicians must suffer constant dilemmas over how to advise their patients (Antiretroviral drugs: history and rhetoric).

I pointed out that the Guidelines are drawn up by panels of experts of whom almost all have direct conflicts of interest with manufacturers of antiretroviral drugs (Conflicts of interest).
The widespread harm done by the toxicity of antiretroviral treatment practiced according to these Guidelines featured in all too many subsequent posts:

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I’ve become increasingly aware that what has gone wrong in the science and practice of HIV/AIDS reflects what has gone wrong in the wider spheres of medical science and practice and indeed of science in general. The present post was stimulated by Jeanne Lenzer’s article in the British Medical Journal, “Why we can’t trust clinical guidelines”.

As I point out about that important piece on my other blog (Why NOT to “Ask your doctor”), the damage done by drug-based medical practice has been described in devastating fashion by Ben Goldacre in Bad Pharma, and corruption of science by outside interests is delineated in my Dogmatism  in Science and Medicine: How Dominant Theories Monopolize Research and Stifle the Search for Truth.

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