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Mainstream discovers that “HIV” = intestinal dysbiosis

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/07/11

Mainstream discovers that “HIV” = intestinal dysbiosis — but fails to recognize that.


Correlation never proves causation.

“HIV” has never been isolated and purified and demonstrated to be an actual exogenous (free-standing) entity. All the evidence for “HIV” and what it supposedly causes consists merely of correlations, associations, with positive “HIV” tests.

The obsession with treating “HIV” as cause of anything where there’s a positive “HIV” test extends so far as blaming “HIV” for what antiretroviral drugs do: “Hidden in plain sight: The damage done by antiretroviral drugs”; “HAART makes things worse: Elsevier journal publishes HIV/AIDS heresies”; “HAART denialism, contd.”; “Living with HIV; Dying from What?”“AIDS deaths: owing to antiretroviral drugs or to lack of antiretroviral treatment?”  (for example, 150,000 deaths from AZT); “Talking of HIV’S magical powers…” ( causing bone fractures);  “State of HIV/AIDS denial: Carcinogenic HAART”; “Misleading is worse than lying — The case of ‘HIV-associated’ lipodystrophy”; “Protease inhibitors cause oxidative stress”; “HAART, heart disease, & lying with statistics”; “HAART kills hearts”; “Kidney-disease denialism (a special case of HAART denialism)”; “HAART causes strokes”.

The intestinal dysbiosis theory of Tony Lance and Vladimir Koliadin provides an explanation for a whole host of “HIV”-related phenomena and conundrums: What’s called “HIV” is actually a dysfunctional change in the intestinal microflora, in which the immune system in the gut is damaged and there is leakage into the blood stream of substances that induce positive “HIV” tests (What really caused AIDS: Slicing through the Gordian KnotAIDS as intestinal dysbiosisUnraveling HIV/AIDS).

But the mainstream doesn’t yet understand this, so it interprets research findings about the gut microflora and “HIV” tests in a bass-ackwards way; for example, “Gut Microbes Exacerbate HIV? Particular microbes in the colons of HIV patients may worsen disease progression”.

NO:  “HIV”  IS   a disturbance of the gut microflora


(Thanks to Mo for telling me of this latest story. Have a look at his blog and read his book about vitamin D, which I’ve recommended earlier )

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