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The Case Against HIV — Online

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/12/08

Recently (23 October) I posted a document, “The Case Against HIV”, which lists the many reasons why HIV/AIDS theory is plainly wrong, backed by more than 850 source references.

I invited comments, suggestions, corrections, additions. Doing that is now much more convenient thanks to the dedicated efforts of the RA Webmaster who has converted the document to HTML with its own domain: There is a prominent COMMENTS button; and locating the source references for each item is infinitely more convenient via links than in the PDF document.

7 Responses to “The Case Against HIV — Online”

  1. See attached below for an example of what they are doing in Zimbabwe to get everyone of ART poison cocktails.

    New ART guidelines unveiled
    November 28, 2013
    Headlines, Top Stories
    PEOPLE living with HIV and Aids will start accessing anti-retroviral drugs from a CD4 count of 500 up from the previous 350 beginning January next year, Health and Child Care Deputy Minister has said. Officially launching the 2013 World Health Organisation guidelines in Harare yesterday, Dr Paul Chimedza said all HIV positive children under the age of five would also be started on treatment as soon as they are diagnosed irrespective of their CD4 count.
    Couples in situations where one partner is positive (discordant) are also set to receive ARVs irrespective of their CD4 count.
    Pregnant women and HIV positive breastfeeding women have already started receiving ARVs despite their CD4 count.
    The new WHO guidelines would also see an increase in the number of people requiring ARVs from 860 000 to 1,2 million.
    People who are HIV positive would also be tested of the level of the virus in the blood (viral load testing) to complement the CD4 Count testing.
    “To adopt the new guidelines, Zimbabwe went through a wide consultative process that brought input from all stakeholders and this process gave us the new consolidated guidelines for the use of ARV medicines for treating and preventing HIV,” Dr Chimedza said.
    He said the ARV coverage would also fall from 86 percent to 67 percent.
    He said although the new guidelines require more resources, Government was confident of its feasibility.
    “This is going to be a gradual process which makes it easy to manage,” Dr Chimedza said.
    In terms of funding Dr Chimedza said drugs have already been taken care of up to 2016.
    Head of Aids and TB Unit in the Ministry of Health and Child Care Dr Owen Mugurungi said Government had given itself time to finalise the logistics involved in implementing the new guidelines, hence scheduling of implementation for January.
    “We have to be ready in terms of making sure that we have adequate medicines, adequate test kits and also making sure that nurses and doctors are trained on the new guidelines,” he said.
    Dr Mugurungi, however, said switching people from Tenofovier to a more efficacious regimen – Efavirenz – would take a bit longer as stocks of the drug were still available.
    Speaking at the same occasion WHO representative Dr David Okello said adoption of the new guidelines called for expedited decentralisation and integration of HIV into health programmes.
    He said there could also be a need for task-sharing.
    “Of note is that WHO has been providing technical assistance in the adaptation of these guidelines and I want to assure you of our continued support during the rollout of the guidelines country-wide including monitoring their implementation,” he said.
    An estimated 1,2 million people are living with HIV in Zimbabwe and about 400 000 are currently on ARVs.
    Early initiation of people living with HIV on ARVs will significantly enhance an individual’s immune system hence reduced chance of getting opportunistic infections.
    HIV remains one of the major causes of illnesses and death in Zimbabwe.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Thank you for alerting us to this shocking development. “HIV+” is thus taken as absolute proof of infection even though the peer-reviewed literature and the test-kits clearly state that this is erroneous. Babies will be given toxic drugs even though most of them revert to HIV-negative if left alone, untreated. Pregnancy itself conduces to testing “HIV+”, as many mainstream publications have shown, yet pregnant women are now going to be routinely poisoned and their embryos subjected to mitochondria-damaging and birth-defect-engendering drugs.
      WHO is evidently seeking to guard the world against overpopulation by healthy people.

  2. lukas said

    Prof Bauer,
    on point 1.1.5 you deal with hiv negative aids cases.I think it can be added as reference Gallo’s testimony at the parenzee case when he was asked:” Do you agree that the isolation of HIV from only 40% of
    patients is not proof that HIV causes AIDS” and he answered “I
    would say of course, in and of itself 40% isolation of a new virus I wouldn’t say is the cause” : page 52

    • Henry Bauer said

      Indeed, and then Gallo tries to discount his own admission. The whole transcript is worth reading to get a sense of Gallo’s incoherence; evidently he doesn’t have a clear case to make

  3. lukas said

    Prof Bauer,
    i have seen no correlation in your document between sex and a positive result.Having read the Perth Group documentation on their site,they give a lot of importance to the oxidative role of semen and some unconventional sexual practices.It is not postulated the existence of any retrovirus,but only that the amount of exposure to semen in time and the frequencies of some of these practices exposes some people more than others to test positive,that’s why aids is more confined to some risks group(homosexual).They claim also that there’s a lot of literature showing this evidence.I wish to know what you think about it.Thanks

    • Henry Bauer said

      I haven’t looked into the literature on this, I will do so

    • Henry Bauer said

      “AIDS” and testing “HIV+” are two distinct matters.

      I can agree that exposure to semen can stimulate antibodies that react positive on an “HIV” test.
      However, I don’t see actual data on immunosuppression by semen.

      Since homosexual intercourse did not begin in the 1970s or 1980s, it seems highly unlikely that anything about it would be responsible for “AIDS”. That it could bring about “HIV+” is another matter, since “HIV+” is not necessarily a sign of illness.

      The Perth Group acknowledge — or claim — that semen per se could cause sufficient immunosuppression to bring illness. So their suggestion amounts to regarding the excesses of a small group of gay men as capable of causing “AIDS”. Those excesses included not only lots of sex but also drug abuse, a generally unhealthy non-stop partying lifestyle, frequent infections by syphilis, gonorrhea, etc., and injudicious over-use of antibiotics (which we know can bring on intestinal dysbiosis). I don’t see how to ferret out the role that semen might play in this. And that would not matter from a practical point of view, the advice would remain the same: Avoid unhealthy excesses.

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