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Updates to The Case against HIV

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2014/03/25

The following additions have been made to The Case against HIV Co-factors in addition to HIV required to bring on AIDS have been postulated on a number of occasions: mycoplasma (refs. 26-31); HTLVs (p. 248 in ref. 257); cell surface protein CD26 (Callebaut et al., “T-cell activation antigen CD26, as a cofactor for entry of HIV into CD4+ cells”, Science, 262 [1993] 2045; Jon Cohen, “HIV ‘cofactor’ comes in for heavy fire”, Science, 262 [1993] 1971); the protein fusin (Jon Cohen, “Likely HIV cofactor found, Science, 272 [1996] 809-10) Malnutrition is widespread in Africa and is a known cause of lack of resistance to infection. It can be responsible for any infection incurred within 1 month of the end of food deprivation.
”Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) — WHO/CDC case definition for AIDS”, Weekly Epidemiological Record, 7 March 1986, 69-73 Fever is very non-specific. “HIV-positive” is often associated with fever.
Celia Farber, “Positively Flawed: Welcome to the Machine”, Impression, June 1999;
AND ALSO ADD THIS REFERENCE TO FOR PREGNANCY In Africa, more than two thirds of couples are serodiscordant: one is “HIV-positive”, the other is not
UNAIDS 2008 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic, p. 118

3.3.18 add ref 465 In 1995, Peter Godwin, head of the Regional HIV Project, United Nations Development Program: “by the year 1997 the annual number of new HIV infections in Asia will exceed those in Africa, and its share of worldwide cumulative infections will increase to nearly 25% by the year 2000”
J. C., “Thailand points the way”, Science, 270 (1995) 30
but by 2007, Asia had only 5 out of a global 33 million “HIV-positives” while sub-Saharan Africa had 19 million
UNAIDS 2008 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic Trojan Horse inhibitors
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, “Trojan Horse Virus controls HIV infection”, 4 September 1997;
Tom Nurre, “Radical research”, Angelo State University Magazine, Summer 2011, 16-9
Buckley et al., “HIV protease-mediated activation of sterically capped proteasome inhibitors and substrates”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133 (2011) 698-700 Killing “HIV” by shaking it with tuned laser
Orli Van Mourik, “Good vibrations vs. bad viruses”, Discover, June 2008, p. 16

4.2.6 Add Cavrois, Neidleman & Greene, “The Achilles Heel of the Trojan Horse Model of HIV-1 trans-infection”, PLoS Pathogen, 4(#6, 2008): e1000051 Cardiovascular disease
refs 34, 120-5, 131-2 in Pinzone et al., Vitamin D deficiency in HIV infection: an underestimated and undertreated epidemic, European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, 17 (2013) 1218-1232 Bone disease, osteopenia, osteoporosis
refs. 35-43, 103 in Pinzone et al., Vitamin D deficiency in HIV infection: an underestimated and undertreated epidemic, European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, 17 (2013) 1218-1232

4.7.6 add another reference: UNAIDS 2008 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic, p. 89 Vitamin D deficiency
Refs 74, 76, 77, 84, 89, 93-100, 102 in Pinzone et al., Vitamin D deficiency in HIV infection: an underestimated and undertreated epidemic, European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, 17 (2013) 1218-1232
Add Refs. 35, 38, 39, 41, 104-6, 111-6 in Pinzone et al., Vitamin D deficiency in HIV infection: an underestimated and undertreated epidemic, European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, 17 (2013) 1218-1232

6.1.3 Add “and from other experimental treatments”. Chemotherapy to kill the immune system to avoid rejection of transplanted baboon bone-marrow cells because baboons couldn’t be infected with “HIV”. (Rick Weiss, “Doctor hopes to repeat baboon cell transplant”, Washington Post, 11 February 1996, p. A9) The first attempt involved “an unidentified 56-year-old man who was dying of AIDS. . . . The experiment was not a success. The baboon cells failed to grow, and the man died two months later. But Dr. Ricordi said his team had been encouraged because the man did not suffer any adverse reactions from the transplant” [emphasis added].
Lawrence K. Altman, “The Doctor’s World; Baboon cells might repair AIDS-ravaged immune systems”, New York Times, 19 July 1994

6.4 Hegemony of HIV/AIDS theory and practices means that some central questions cannot be answered
6.4.1 When “HIV-positive” individuals become ill, all too often the real cause of illness is not looked for
6.4.2 When “HIV-positive” individuals using antiretroviral drugs die, no autopsy inquires into whether death may have been owing to the drugs
”42-yr-old Glen Elder, dead of heart attack at 42”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 12 June 2009, A33
” Jeff Getty, 49, AIDS activist who received baboon cells, is dead”, New York Times, 16 October 2006;
AND ADD THIS LAST REF. TO That many hemophiliacs were infected by tainted blood products
”Two thirds of our hemophiliacs have received infected blood”
Jonathan Kellerman, Devil’s Waltz, Bantam 1993, p. 336 The mistaken belief that “HIV” is transmitted sexually (see Section 3.3 for disproof) is incessantly repeated, for example that prostitutes contract and spread “HIV”
Colin Thubron, “Believers’ bazaar”, review of In Search of the Sacred in Modern India by William Dalrymple, New York Times Book Review, 18 July 2010, p. 19
Gurav & Blanchard, “Disease, Death and Dhandha: Gharwali’s Perspectives on the Impact of AIDS on Devadasi System and the Sex Work in South India”, World Journal of AIDS, 3 (2013) 26-32

8.3 Add “; see also Sections 7.1, 7.2, 7.4, 7.7”

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The Case Against HIV — Online

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/12/08

Recently (23 October) I posted a document, “The Case Against HIV”, which lists the many reasons why HIV/AIDS theory is plainly wrong, backed by more than 850 source references.

I invited comments, suggestions, corrections, additions. Doing that is now much more convenient thanks to the dedicated efforts of the RA Webmaster who has converted the document to HTML with its own domain: There is a prominent COMMENTS button; and locating the source references for each item is infinitely more convenient via links than in the PDF document.

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The case against HIV

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/10/23

Many facts show that HIV/AIDS theory is wrong. Several dozen books have discussed various reasons for not believing HIV/AIDS theory. I came to realize that HIV/AIDS theory is wrong when a sentence in Harvey Bialy’s book led me to collate the results of published “HIV” tests and to realize that what those tests detect is not an infectious nor a sexually transmitted thing.

The publication of my book about that  and comments about it and to  this blog which I had then started  made me learn a lot more, for example some blog posts show how mortality of “HIV+” people and “AIDS” patients further proves that “HIV” is not a killing agent and that “AIDS” is not a definite disease.

Since AIDS Rethinking started a quarter century ago and I took it up only a decade ago, a great part  of the literature wasn’t known to me. So it occurred to me that it would be useful to have a summary  of the many points that disprove HIV/AIDS theory. My first attempt at producing such a summary is “The Case against HIV”, with sub-headings

  1. HIV does not cause AIDS.
  2. The plain evidence about AIDS.
  3. The plain evidence about HIV.
  4. Failings of HIV/AIDS theory.
  5. What antiretroviral drugs do.
  6. Damage done by HIV/AIDS theory and practice.
  7. Hindrances to making the case against HIV.
  8. How could such a massive blunder come about and persist?
  9. FAQs: Questions — sometimes rhetorical only — posed by adherents to HIV/AIDS theory.

As I say in the document, “Additions and corrections are welcomed, indeed solicited” — by direct e-mail to or as comments on the blog.

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