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Breaking News: ‘”Baby Rico rushed to ER, Taken Off Medication,” KAALTV

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/05/10

Breaking News: ‘”Baby Rico rushed to ER, Taken Off Medication,” KAALTV

7 Responses to “Breaking News: ‘”Baby Rico rushed to ER, Taken Off Medication,” KAALTV”

  1. mo79uk said

    Hoping this can end up a big blow to the orthodoxy. A similar story on the HEAL London site is distressing too.

  2. Harry Stulemeijer said

    As a retired Dutch pharmacist I’m following Rico’s story closely. Dutch pharmacists in their practice just follow filtered instructions from a database controlled by their professional organisation KNMP (Royal Dutch Society for the Promotion of Pharmacy), without any criticism or independant control. Their is neither a scientific neither a public discussion here about HIV/AIDS. At the same time the Dutch pharmaceutical elite pretend to have one of the best pharmaceutical care systems in the world.
    I will send a link of this case to various relevant Dutch organisations and we will see, what will happen. I hope to be able to keep you posted here.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Harry Stulemeijer:
      Thank you for these insights.
      About prescription drugs, everyone should read BAD PHARMA by Ben Goldacre, and then never again believe anything that a drug company says.

      • Harry Stulemeijer said

        That’s right, Henry. Let me tell you. I also happen to be a member of a Special Interest Group of the KNMP, called “Ethics and Philosophy in Pharmacy”, where I advocated that book. But it seems to me, that apparently most members are so busy to assist and advise their patients, that they disregard the threats to the profession at all.
        Quasi the whole profession seems to be taken hostage by Big Pharma, politics and the Health Insurance Industry, which instead of insuring just buys the professional service at a take-it-or-leave-it basis. This puts the professional unknowingly in a dependent position. How do one makes the colleagues aware of that, while the bureaucracy of the board is simply ignoring it? It’s absurd. Right now, that SIG is just a joke.
        By the way, as an epidemiologist, Ben Goldacre should be aware of the HIV/AIDS-hoax. However, in his book, he takes a different position. Has he already changed his mind?

      • Henry Bauer said

        Harry Stulemeijer:
        Goldacre illustrates what is true for all of us: it is impossible to have read everything and learned everything, so much of what we believe comes from just believing what others say. Goldacre hasn’t looked at the evidence about HIV and AIDS, or a number of other things. Where he has looked at the evidence, as with the drug companies, he draws correct conclusions.
        I first heard of Goldacre because of a terribly, badly wrong reference he made to Christine Maggiore, and I wrote a blog post with the title “Scientifically illiterate science pundit: Ben Goldacre”.
        Some time later I was asked to review his book, “Bad Science”, and was pleasantly surprised that much — but far from all — in that book is quite sound, and I wrote a rather even-handed blog about it: “Recognizing REAL pseudo-science — Details, distinctions, and pundit Ben Goldacre”.
        Now I’ve read “Bad Pharma” and find nothing to disagree with in it — except perhaps that Goldacre’s wish list of what can be done to make things better seems to me quite unrealistic.

      • Harry Stulemeijer said

        Thank you for your very interesting reply about the books of Ben Goldacre. I have noticed the references in your blogs and I will study them. In the meantime I notified GeneesmiddelenBulletin, a renowned magazine for professionals, about this case, together with some scientific references (Duesberg and Rasnick) and the resurgent debate in Italy. I will return after some time with their reaction.

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