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Latest on Baby Rico — but no significant change

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/05/08

Judge rules: Baby Rico staying with parents

Cheryl Nagel posted this in SaveRico on Facebook and asked it to be distributed and “Please help by posting your response to the Austin Daily Herald.”

One Response to “Latest on Baby Rico — but no significant change”

  1. georco said

    This is worse than horrifying, it is the government asserting its primary legal right to its ownership of children far over and above any parental say in their lives, in the specific case of Baby Rico they are forcibly mandating the drugging of this child with drugs well known to be toxic and ultimately fatal.
    For many years we believed this to happen only in countries such as Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union and China.
    But the place is here in the US and the time is now and this is unconscionable.
    Such an act of government is criminal but the government decides its own degree of criminality.

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