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Video resources for AIDS Rethinkers and others

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/03/22

I’ve mentioned videos of high interest to AIDS Rethinkers at the Immunity Resource Foundation and John Lauritsen’s site. The former can be downloaded, the latter can only be viewed on-line. That’s true also for videos at YouTube and at many other sites. Recently I was alerted to the existence of a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, the Ant Video Downloader, that allows one to download any video being displayed in the browser window. I’ve now used it a number of times with Firefox and have found it delightfully easy and reliable.

3 Responses to “Video resources for AIDS Rethinkers and others”

  1. artwest said

    Thanks, I’ve just tried Ant and it seems a little quicker than another Firefox add-on I’ve been using.

    In my experience it’s as well to have more than one such downloader handy as some sites – particularly Youtube – will change their system and then you start to get some failed downloads until a downloader update. Some videos just fail to download with one downloader but are fine with another for no reason apparent to me.

    There is a standalone program called Vdownloader which I’ve found to be very good. You don’t have to use its own browser – just copy a URL to the clipboard from any browser while Vdownloader is running and it will work – or even using a “Copy Link Location”. It will also convert to another file format in the same operation if you like (including MP3 audio only if you just want the sound from a video).

    Speaking of MP3s, a brilliant little program is MP3Gain – which will normalise whole folders of MP3s without having to treat each one individually.

    MP3DirectCut allows you to cut or record direct to MP3 without having to convert back and forth from WAV files.

    All these programs are free.

    I don’t have any connection with these programs other than as a satisfied user.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Many thanks for the tips. There’s so much software coming out all the time that most of us just can’t keep up with it, even knowing what exists. Sharing your experience is very helpful.

  2. Keith Blackmon said

    If anyone can help me I would be so thankful. I am looking for a physician(s) who are at least willing to consider that the HIV/AIDS connection may not be real. I would like to find a Hematologist preferably in the New Orleans area but I can travel to a good doc. thanks

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