HIV/AIDS Skepticism

Pointing to evidence that HIV is not the necessary and sufficient cause of AIDS


Posted by Henry Bauer on 2008/01/25

Happened to come across a schedule of “HIV/AIDS Events” in Lousiville KY in 2008 (Metro Calendar):

February 7, 2008:   National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
March 2- 9, 2008:   HIV/AIDS Black Church Week of Prayer
June 27, 2008:   National HIV Testing Day
September 28, 2008:   Louisville AIDS Walk
October 15, 2008:   National Latino AIDS Awareness Day
December 1, 2008:   World AIDS Day

The difficulty that dissidents have in getting uninformed (that is, indoctrinated) people to pay attention to the evidence is underscored by the fact that there are so many similar happenings around the world, with public hooplah, celebrity appearances, and heart-string-pulling anecdotes and pictures.


In Africa, HIV/AIDS dogma is reinforced because so much foreign aid supports HIV/AIDS-related activities. The Krynens, French social workers in Africa, discovered that large numbers of “AIDS orphans” are simply children whose parents leave them—often only seasonally—with grandparents or others while the parents go to where they can find work; read Neville Hodgkinson’s splendid “AIDS—The failure of contemporary science: How a virus that never was deceived the world” (Fourth Estate, 1996)—it’s out of print, but can be found at

In that light, consider the following news item:

“HIV orphans’ custodians get upkeep funds (24 January 2008, Kenya DAILY NATION):
The Government Wednesday paid out Sh 2.5 million to caretakers of orphans in Kirinyaga district. . . . 250 custodians had received the funds. The money is to help beneficiaries provide upkeep for the orphans who are Hiv/Aids victims.
. . . . The programme which was launched last year sees each caretaker getting Sh1,500 on a monthly basis.”

One wonders what other sources of income those caretakers have, and how likely they might be to say anything that could threaten continuation of this largesse.


  1. cytotalker said

    Lamentably, real orphans may be the consequence of the iatrogenic epidemic all this poisonous “love” is creating.

  2. hhbauer said

    Interesting link. Report reads as though it were a new research finding that lipodystrophy results from antiretroviral treatment with “d4T (stavudine, Zerit), 3TC (lamivudine, Epivir), and nevirapine”, yet the CDC’s Treatment Guidelines list lipodystrophy as a known “adverse event” associated with d4T.

    I suppose it’s always necessary to confirm and re-confirm scientific findings; the known toxicity of nevirapine was no bar to trying to discover how high a dose the pregnant Joyce Hafford could tolerate. She died. (Celia Farber, “Out of control”, Harper’s, March 2006, 37-52).

  3. Ed said

    Henry.. do you live in Louisville? I do.. how can I contact you?

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