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HIV/AIDS Dissent in mainstream venues

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/01/20

We mentioned some time ago that Professor Marco Ruggiero contributed at the mainstream XVIIIth International AIDS Conference (Vienna 2010) — see “Two AIDS conferences in Vienna” and “Denialism within the XVIIIth International AIDS Conference”.
Ruggiero’s presentation together with those of other Italian contributors is now posted on a mainstream website that deals with infectious diseases in Italy and the world.
HIV/AIDS dissent is becoming increasingly visible in increasingly mainstream quarters. Not only that; as Ruggiero’s report from the Vienna Conference  demonstrated, quite a few of the presentations reported observations that contradict orthodox shibboleths:
♦♦♦  The “HIV” epidemic in Africa cannot be explained by multiple concurrent sexual partnerships
♦♦♦  Patients who discontinue HAART feel better and do better
♦♦♦  Continuing present practices means death
♦♦♦  Doing nothing causes less harm than testing and treating
♦♦♦  Circumcision does not prevent “HIV”
♦♦♦  The “epidemic” is expected to continue until at least 2031

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Two AIDS conferences in Vienna

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/07/26

Professor Marco Ruggiero has now sent this much fuller account of proceedings in Vienna, including tidbits from the Rethinkers’ Congress as well as more material from the XVIIIth International organized by the International AIDS Society. From the latter conference, the intent  of some of the slogans and posters is inscrutable to this blogger, while others could even be regarded as pornographic. It remains, though, that at this mainstream conference, several presentations support points that Rethinkers have been making.

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