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Duesberg vindicated

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/06/22

In April, it had become known that UC Berkeley had received anonymous charges against Peter Duesberg:

“The specific allegations are that an article you submitted to Medical Hypotheses was investigated and then withdrawn by the publisher based on issues of credibility and false claims. The allegations also state that you failed to declare a relevant conflict of interest with regard to the commercial interests of your co-authors” (Greg Miller, “Exclusive: AIDS scientist investigated for misconduct after complaint”, ScienceInsider, 16 April).
[It must have galled the complainants to see Duesberg described as an AIDS scientist on the website of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, publisher of the flagship periodical Science.]

Two months later, the university admits that it finds no reason to take action on the charges (Martin Enserink, “Berkeley drops probe of Duesberg after finding ‘insufficient evidence’”, June 21).

In other words, Duesberg did not fail to declare a relevant conflict of interest, and there was no evidence of false claims. The university thereby confirms what Rethinkers knew all along, that this was just part of the continuing ad hominem attempts to discredit Duesberg by people who cannot discredit by means of data his substantive assertions about HIV/AIDS.

In this connection, it’s worth noting too that Duesberg’s criticism of inflated AIDS-death numbers for South Africa, suppressed from Medical Hypotheses, has been vindicated by publication in a peer-reviewed, PubMed-abstracted journal [Medical students in Africa need not fear HIV, 2010/05/31 ; REPRINT of Galletti & Bauer, 2010/06/03].

Altogether, on those rare occasions when critiques of Duesberg, or of AIDS Rethinking in general, are considered openly and by even half-way unbiased people, Duesberg et al. come out ahead. The UC Berkeley investigation found that the charges could not be sustained, even though the task had been delegated to an individual who has himself done mainstream HIV/AIDS research. [UC Berkeley evidently lacks understanding of conflicts of interest.] When scientific periodicals like the Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology, that are not dominated by HIV/AIDS vigilantes, obtain peer review of Rethinking articles, those article are judged on the basis of the evidence they present and they get published. My book was reviewed favorably in half-a-dozen independent, disinterested publications (as well as in a couple of friendly ones); it was ignored by all but one mainstream HIV/AIDS periodical,  and that review was unable to cite any specific instance where the evidence I present is faulty in some way; it acknowledged the book to be “richly documented”, “asking good questions”, and for pointing to the “weak quality of evidence supporting the views  of  HIV  propagation” promulgated by the mainstream”.

Defenders of the flawed HIV = AIDS belief have resorted to ad hominem attacks for upwards of two decades simply because they have never been able to answer substantively the points raised by Peter Duesberg, by John Lauritsen, by the Perth Group, by Robert Root-Bernstein, by Gordon Stewart, and by so many other doctors, historians, journalists, scientists, and people who have experienced the trauma of being declared “HIV-positive” and being subjected to antiretroviral “treatment”.

Nowhere was it ever proved that HIV exists as infectious pathogenic virions inside AIDS patients, let alone in “HIV-positive” individuals. The Rethinking challenge has never been met: Show us the publication(s) in which that proof supposedly resides.

Of course, the mainstream is being dragged only very slowly, metaphorically kicking and screaming, to its eventual nasty but rather well-deserved fate of having to face the fact and consequences of its incompetent and iatrogenic actions. UC Berkeley’s lawyerly language in notifying Duesberg that he was off the hook was anything but gracious, and stands as yet another blemish on that university’s earlier more honorable reputation. HIV/AIDS vigilantes are already attempting to capitalize on this gracelessness by portraying Duesberg’s vindication as a Scottish-type “not proven” verdict rather than as a plain exoneration. But the fact remains, established by more than two decades of determined initiatives to discredit Duesberg, that when an even halfway independent judgment is made, all attempts to discredit him fail, and the attackers can do no more than nitpick, misquote, and continue to shout Big Lies.

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