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Fear-mongering works, and surveys re-discover the obvious

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/05/24

To laugh or to cry?

Blacks more worried about HIV than Whites
WASHINGTON (NNPA) – Blacks are six times more likely to be very concerned about becoming infected with HIV than Whites, a new report by the Kaiser Family Foundation has disclosed.” ”

Question: “Bearing in mind the different ways people can be infected with HIV, how concerned are you personally about becoming infected with HIV?”
38% of Blacks but only 6% of Whites said that they were “very concerned”.
13% of Blacks but only 10% of Whites said that they were “somewhat concerned”.
When the “very concerned” and “somewhat concerned” responses were combined,
51% of Blacks but only 16 % of Whites expressed a high degree of fear.

Congratulations to the survey gurus.
“Very concerned” and “somewhat concerned” are such precise terms that every respondent must surely have interpreted them in the same way.
Brilliant, to add “very concerned” to “somewhat concerned” and find they add up to “high degree of fear”.

Is there any correlation, between how concerned Blacks feel as compared to Whites, and the incessant propaganda pouring out from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that HIV/AIDS in the United States has become a disease of Black communities?

Is there any correlation between blacks being 6 times as likely as whites to be worried and the data bombarding them from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to the effect that blacks are 7-20 times as likely as whites to test “HIV-positive”?

“Blacks view HIV/AIDS far more seriously than any other group.”
Why would they? Just because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention keeps telling them they are the ones at risk?

“The Black community has been devastated by HIV/AIDS. Although the Census Bureau reports that Blacks make up only 12 percent of the U.S. population, they represent about half of all new AIDS cases.”
Why one Earth would they worry about that?

Or about the other facts reported:
Black women account for 61% of all new HIV infections among women.
46% of Black gay men were HIV-positive compared to 21% of White gay men.
Black teenagers are 16% of those aged 13 to 19 but represent 69% of all new AIDS cases among teens.

“This is a tribute to the amazing job Black media is doing keeping HIV/AIDS on the radar in Black communities,” Phill Wilson, CEO of the Black AIDS Institute, said.
Yes indeed.
Keep them worrying.

“Misconceptions still persist about transmission of HIV, the report noted. For example, 27 percent of those questioned incorrectly thought that HIV could be transmitted by sharing a drinking glass, another 17 percent wrongly thought the virus could be passed along by touching a toilet seat and 14 percent mistakenly believed that they could become infected by being in a swimming pool with someone HIV-positive.”
Well, what would YOU believe? That your kinspeople are having unsafe sex and shooting drugs, or that they are getting infected despite their precautions?

“The report shows that we must do a better job of educating the public,” said C. Virginia Fields, president of the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS. “People need to know the basic facts about this devastating epidemic.”
No. You’re doing just fine. You’ve got them properly worried.

And the legend of the down-low is still thriving:
“Trystin K. Francis, an openly gay resident of Washington, D.C., says he has been approached by married men in malls and department stores.
‘This one man was with his wife or girlfriend and I was by myself. When he got away from her, it’s like, “Hey, how are you? Can I get your number? Can I call you?” It’s the weirdest feeling.’
He added, ‘If you went to a gay club to observe what was going on, you’d be surprised by how many men are in there that look straight and probably have a girlfriend. The girlfriend is probably thinking he is probably out with the boys, it’s poker night, or they’re going to a sports bar when, in fact, they are going out to this club. Their boyfriend or husband is at a gay club getting phone numbers from men and possibly bringing some of these men around you. I’ve talked to friends over the years who have said, “I’ve met the wife, I’ve met the kids, I’ve babysat the kids and she didn’t know and I’m not saying anything.”
—- “Black Women Contract HIV/AIDS Mostly Through Heterosexual Activity”, George E. Curry, 5/20/2009, The Seattle Medium — Part of the BlackPressUSA Network

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