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“HIV” can harm without even existing

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/03/01

A number of people have told publicly their stories of damaged lives through purported “infection”, when all that happened was that a highly fallible test was misinterpreted. Tommy Morrison has recently gone to some lengths to bring public attention to his own such story: Twice boxing champion, career destroyed by such a “positive” test.

One arena where he tells his story is on YouTube, in



These pieces, about 15 minutes each, are well worth watching; not only for the anecdote about HIV-harm but insights into several aspects of life that are not known to people who have never experienced any real hardship.


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No help from Gallo on HIV tests

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/02/17

The boxer Tommy Morrison, after a mandatory pre-fight test, was told in 1996 that he was HIV-positive and would therefore not be permitted to continue with his boxing career.   Subsequently he has claimed to have had a number of negative tests, and to have learned that the tests do not diagnose actual infection anyway.

Morrison has now scheduled a fight in Canada on February 25th. To demonstrate that he is not infected with HIV, he wants to take a test that is guaranteed  capable of detecting actual virus, veritable infection. He has asked publicly that Robert Gallo advise him as to the existence and availability of such a test. In mass-mailed e-mails, Morrison has complained about Gallo’s failure to respond. For example, he wrote recently to Gallo’s assistant:

From: Tommy Morrison <>
Date: Thursday, February 3, 2011, 11:39 PM
I appreciate DR Gallo is a busy man…but would it be possible to please have a reply?..perhaps you can direct me
to a website with the information I need being: a 100% accurate test detecting the presence or absence of the HIV VIRUS ? along with a copy of the scientific papers so that the local doctor can identify the VIRUS?
If Dr Gallo can tell me WHICH test to take to detect the presence of the HIV VIRUS – that’s all I need………..
God Bless
Tommy Morrison

So far the only response he has received has been indirect, via Jean-Marc Emond, Director of Operations for SP PROMOTION, a boxing firm in Quebec:

De : “Grannell, Nora” <>
À : Jean-Marc Emond <>
Envoyé le : Lun 24 janvier 2011, 12h 38min 49s
Dear Mr. Emond,
Dr. Gallo believes that the HIV tests are highly accurate and that Morrison was properly diagnosed as HIV-infected.
Best regards,
Nora Grannell
Director, Public Relations & Marketing
Institute of Human Virology
University of Maryland School of Medicine
725 W Lombard St., S307
Baltimore, MD 21201
W: 410-706-1954
F: 410-706-1952

Of course, that tests are “highly accurate” does not mean that they can be relied upon to detect active infection, let alone with any certainty. I would rank this evasive Gallo statement on an intellectual par (i.e., intellectual garbage) with his assertion in the Parenzee case that there was no need for him to purify “isolated” HIV because his cultures produced it in such profusion as to make impurities irrelevant.

For discussion pertinent to the Morrison story, see Terry Michael’s piece in the Montreal Gazette and subsequent comments.

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HIV dissent in major media

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/02/05

The Montreal Gazette is the English-language daily in Quebec, with a circulation of about 165,000. It has published an op-ed piece by Terry Michael which summarizes in a clear and non-technical way the case against “HIV” tests, and against “HIV” itself as cause of AIDS.

Terry capitalized on the publicity about boxer Tommy Morrison’s scheduled bout and his refusal to take an “HIV” test. Morrison had the experience years ago of testing “positive”, then later “negative”, and also experienced the toxic effects of antiretrovirals. He seems determined to bring the dissident message to the public, and Terry’s piece certainly contributes to that:

Junk science and AIDS
Boxing lesson: Morrison’s fight against blood test a teaching moment for Canadians

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