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Sterilizing the unfit

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/12/04

To improve humankind’s genetic pool, for a time it was regarded as proper to sterilize the undesirables and the unfit ones: the “mentally defective” in the United States and in Germany, the physically deformed also in Germany,  gypsies in Czechoslovakia, and a number of other countries practiced forced sterilization for various reasons at various times. Nowadays that is almost universally regarded as improper.

HIV/AIDS, however, may be unique in this respect as it is in so many other ways. Today’s Google Alert brought news that I am reluctant to believe: that Chile has forced sterilization on “HIV-positive” women. The news comes via Al Jazeera; those who might find that source not to their liking can read the full report from the US-based Center for Reproductive Rights.

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