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Must read

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/02/12

There is a great deal worth reading about HIV and AIDS and dissent from the mainstream view, and impossible to keep up with it all. So I’m very grateful when I’m alerted to particularly important items. Here’s one:

“Exclusive: A Gut Instinct about AIDS” by Russell Schoch, at

When Tony Lance first told me of his idea that intestinal dysbiosis could explain much about HIV/AIDS, I was immediately interested because it was the first explanation I had come across as to why gay men are so prone to test “HIV+”, even when they are not exemplars of the fast-lane drug-abusing lifestyle and even when they turn out to remain quite healthy while “HIV+”, i.e. are “long-term non-progressors” or “elite controllers”.

Since then Tony has turned up a staggering volume of mainstream publications that make his idea, in my view, progress from “plausible” to “compelling”. Russell Schoch’s article provides convincing context to Lance’s work. It is absolutely a MUST read.

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