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Ruggiero sues anonymous vigilante group

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2012/03/24

For a detailed account of what is happening at the University of Florence and Professor Ruggiero’s legal suit against anonymous smears, listen to the podcast of Ruggiero’s interview with Celia Farber and David Rasnick (alternative link here). Ruggiero gives an informative summary also of what led to his work on probiotics.

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Vigilante groupies are sued in Italy

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2012/03/19

An anonymous group claiming to be HIV-positive “citizens” have made accusations of misconduct against Professor Marco Ruggiero for his work on HIV. The Nature website has a piece about that by Zoë Corbyn, unfortunately but typically one-sided. However, The Truth Barrier has a full discussion with better facts:
“Ruggiero Files Criminal Suit Against Anonymous Accusers”.
Those of us who have come to know Ruggiero have no doubt that his integrity will win the day.



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