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Why come to a Rethinking AIDS Conference?

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/09/01

Those of us who have belonged to professional organizations or academic associations or recreational groups featuring competitions like bridge or chess know how rewarding as well as enjoyable conferences can be —not so much because of the formal program or competition, but because of the opportunity to make new friends and to learn informally and person-to-person about all sorts of things that we didn’t even know existed to be learned about.
The first Rethinking AIDS Conference in Oakland in 2009  exemplified those delights. Over the years (>50!!) I’ve attended innumerable conferences of various sorts: academic, professional, or scholarly conferences in electrochemistry and in science & technology studies (STS); tournaments of bridge and chess; meetings of the National Association of Scholars, and of the Society for Scientific Exploration; International Science Conferences sponsored by the Unification Church; get-togethers of very specialized fan clubs interested in Loch Ness monsters or UFOs. No doubt others as well. A general conclusion, which is shared by all the people with whom I’ve talked about this, is that the most rewarding and enjoyable meetings are those that bring together people with the greatest diversity of backgrounds who happen nevertheless to share a passionate interest in the meeting’s particular focus. That’s exactly what I experienced at Rethinking AIDS 2009 in Oakland, and it’s why I wrote that somewhat over-the-top paean to the Conference  on my blog.
The Science and AIDS Conference in Vienna in 2010 was equally rewarding and enjoyable, yet very different in physical ambience; and most of the participants and observers had not been at Oakland, giving me the opportunity to make new friends.

All this is to say that anyone with the slightest interest in HIV Skepticism and AIDS Rethinking will do themselves an enormous favor by attending the forthcoming Rethinking AIDS Conference this December in Washington DC. For that matter, anyone with any concerns over the contemporary state of medical science and practice will find much of interest at this Conference, and, above all, will have the opportunity to meet and chat with and learn from a range of welcoming and interesting people from every sector of society and from many different parts of the country and of the world. If you have never been to a meeting of this sort, you will be very pleasantly surprised at how quickly you will feel accepted and an integral part of the gathering and its activities. I’ve been looking forward to the Conference with the keenest anticipation ever since it was first mooted, and I know that it will meet, indeed exceed my best expectations.

Do join us in Washington in December. You will be welcomed heartily and have a uniquely interesting and enjoyable experience.

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