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Always blame HIV and the previous administration

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/09/09

When I was a dean, people enjoyed telling me unkind “dean” jokes. A good one was about the 3 envelopes that a retiring dean hands to the incoming dean, with instructions to open them in the designated order as crises occur. Comes the first crisis, and envelope 1 gives the excellent advice, “Blame the former dean”. Politicians do that too.

President Mbeki and his Health minister “Dr. Beetroot” had been fiercely attacked by HIV/AIDS vigilantes for withholding antiretroviral drugs and urging good nutrition, and they continue to be maligned retrospectively:

“South Africa has an estimated 5.5 million people living with the HIV virus, the highest total of any country. As the epidemic raged, then President Thabo Mbeki, who stepped down last year after nearly a decade in power, denied the link between HIV and AIDS, and his health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, mistrusted conventional anti-AIDS drugs. . . . The Lancet said the policies of [Aaron] Motsoaledi’s predecessor, Tshabalala-Msimang, ‘not only led to the unnecessary deaths of over 300,000 South Africans (who were denied antiretroviral medicines), but also squandered much of South Africa’s hope for enlightened post-apartheid government. Motsoaledi has said of the previous government’s stance on AIDS: ‘It was wrong, and it set us back 10 years’” [“South Africa launches child vaccination campaign”].

One might expect that to be the prelude to an announcement of widespread distribution of antiretroviral drugs. Not so:

“The doctor praised for re-energizing South Africa’s Health Ministry launched a major campaign Monday to get vaccinations and immunity-boosting vitamins to 3 million children across the country over the next two weeks”.
One can only hope that the Health Ministry is not getting its vitamins from Dr. Matthias Rath, who has been advocating such supplements for many years, to the tune of vicious and continuing attacks from “AIDS activists”.

So what does President Mbeki or Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang or “HIV” or “AIDS” have to do with this vaccination-and-vitamins initiative?

Absolutely nothing, of course — unless, that is, one recognizes what the HIV Skeptics and AIDS Rethinkers do, that “AIDS” in Africa is a grab-bag of well known diseases and that the “epidemic” has been fueled by malnutrition; and that it serves the present administration’s purpose to blame the previous one for everything amiss in South Africa.


(Completion of dean joke:
Envelope 2 says, “Set up a committee”. Politicians do that too.
Envelope 3 says, “Prepare 3 envelopes”. Politicians unfortunately do not do that.)

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