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Lauritsen book available on-line

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/05/03

John Lauritsen was a pioneer in Rethinking, for example warning in the very earliest days of the AIDS era about the toxicity of AZT and the damage caused by poppers and the psychological harm done to gay men. His books and other writings remain important reading — so much else has not yet caught up with his insights. He has just made available one of his out-of-print books:

I’ve made *Poison By Prescription: The AZT Story* (1990)
into a pdf book and put it in the “AIDS” section of my website.
Actually, most of the *Poison* articles were already included in
the AIDS Wiki and VirusMyth websites — but now the whole book is
there in facsimile, including front and back covers. There’s also
an Italian translation of the talk I gave in Vienna last summer,
done by Vicenzo Fraddosio. These two items are near the end of
the list on:

John Lauritsen

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