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Conquering HIV/AIDS without antiretrovirals

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2008/08/24

There are innumerable anecdotes and personal testimonies and a few mentions in published scientific articles of people who overcame HIV-positive diagnoses, or AIDS diagnoses, without antiretroviral drugs. Roberto Giraldo is seeking testimonies from such indviduals for a book he is working on.

“If you are a person diagnosed as seropositive (HIV-positive) and live a normal life without taking antiretrovirals, you can help me with a book that I am writing, a book that will feature the testimonies of those who have survived this diagnosis. This book will be in support of and will be of great help to those who suffer the social Calvary of seropositivity and AIDS. History will recognize the courage and bravery of each witness and your testimony will support and bring hope to those affected, demonstrating that it is possible to escape the incorrect forecasts of the official view on AIDS.”

Please assist him of you can.   THANKS!

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