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Fighting to save a baby

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/03/07

There are more details about what has happened and is happening to Lindsey Nagel’s baby in this story; and in this one, which also has links to much more.

From one of our Board members who has been in touch with the family comes this:
The Nagels ask: “JOIN us at Mower County Courthouse – April 1st & 2nd – 9am”.

Bear in mind that Lindsey Nagel was saved from death-by-antiretroviral-drugs because her parents fled with her.

The fact that she has been healthy for 2 decades, while still HIV+, indicates that a positive HIV+ test on a baby does not mean an inevitable death sentence.
Of  course there’s a whole lot of other evidence, in the mainstream archive,  that HIV+ does not necessarily mean infection; and that there are “long-term non-progressors” or “elite controllers” who never become ill while HIV+.

See also the data in my earlier comment: Most HIV+ babies revert spontaneously to HIV-, because theybtested HIV+ only as a result of ANTIBODIES transferred from the mother.

Under those circumstances, it seems to me to be criminal medical malpractice to subject a newborn baby to antiretroviral treatment just because the mother may be HIV+ and a quick test on the baby also came up positive.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse for citizens.

Should ignorance of medical facts be an excuse for doctors?
For social workers and lawyers who trust what the doctors say?

I’m reminded of a couple of decades ago when quite a number of British parents lost custody of their children on the grounds that they had been sexually abused. Eventually a Royal Commission, long demanded by the parents, found that the only evidence of sexual abuse was measurements made on the childrens’ anal muscles together with the hypothesis, initially by a single doctor, that those measurements could establish the occurrence of sexual abuse.
So much for late-20th century evidence-based medicine.

The Lindsey Nagel and baby Rico case illustrates that early-21st-century medicine is no more evidence-based than medical practice was a few decades, or a few centuries, or a few millennia ago.

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