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Official Italian data: no causal connection between HIV and AIDS

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/07/12

A remarkable coup has just transpired in publishing serious questions about HIV/AIDS in a mainstream journal. A press release describes the article concerned, which is currently in press at Medical Hypotheses (though already available on-line to subscribers). Here is the original press release for those who can read Italian (click on it to get full size), followed by an English translation.


Relationship between HIV infection and AIDS

An article published by researchers in Florence on “Medical Hypotheses”

The relationship between HIV infection and the syndrome of AIDS may be more distant than
currently believed, and not one of cause-and-effect. This view has influential supporters
in the international scientific community, first of all Peter H. Duesberg, professor of
molecular biology at the University of California at Berkeley, but also the 1993  Nobel
Laureate in chemistry, Kary B. Mullis, as well as Henry H. Bauer, professor emeritus of
chemistry and science studies at Virginia Tech.

That view is further supported by a group of researchers at the University of Florence,
coordinated by Marco Ruggiero, professor of molecular biology at the Faculty of
Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, who have published in the journal “Medical
Hypotheses” an analysis of epidemiological data and official regulations.

There are many unresolved problems with regard to AIDS, such as producing a vaccine or a
truly effective therapy. The greatest mystery concerns the pathogenesis of the disease,
and there are widely differing opinions over this among scientists.

“Our work is based on epidemiological data from the Italian Ministry of Health and the
Institute of Health”, says Ruggiero. These reveal a disconnect between infection by the
retrovirus (HIV) and the syndrome defined as AIDS. In fact, the statistics recorded by
the Ministry of Health show that AIDS may be diagnosed in the absence of signs of
infection by HIV; but if a disease can exist in the absence of a particular agent, then
that agent is hardly the disease’s cause.

Ruggiero adds that data from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Institute of Health) also show that more than one quarter of the cases of neonatal AIDS are not attributable to vertical (i.e.
mother-to-child) transmission of the putatively causal virus.

In summary, we conclude that the Ministry of Health acknowledges at least implicitly that
HIV is not the only cause of AIDS. That interpretation, based on official data and
documents, could of course be wrong, admitted Ruggiero, which is why they had asked the
Ministry to comment.

The team, composed of biologists and physicians from the Department of Experimental
Pathology and Oncology and Department of Anatomy, Histology and Forensic Medicine,
includes also a new graduate, Matthew Prayer Galletti, whose thesis degree in Biological
Sciences focused on this work.

Medical Hypotheses, M. Ruggiero, M. Prayer Galletti, S. Pacini, T. Punzi, G. Morucci, M.
Gulisano, “AIDS denialism at the ministry of health” (doi: 10.1016/j.mehy.2009.06.002)

The news was reported by Marco Ruggiero, Department of Pathology and Experimental
Oncology, marco.ruggiero @

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