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Introducing Seth Kalichman (Kalichman’s Komical Kaper #1)

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/03/08

I first heard of “S. C. Kalichman” when, in September 2008, he posted at a “review” of my book, The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory. His “profile” gave no information beyond that he was located in New York:

Not much later, the grapevine told me of a forthcoming book, “Denying AIDS: Conspiracy Theories, Pseudoscience, and Human Tragedy”,  by Seth C Kalichman. His profile on was now a bit more informative, and he had moved from New York to Connecticut:


Having emerged from his New York closet, Kalichman has assiduously publicized his book, and its associated blog,  in a number of places around the Internet.

Even though I don’t know Kalichman personally, nor had known anything of him before the fall of 2008, it turns out that we had actually been exchanging e-mails for many months. Here’s how that happened:

After my book had been published (in the first half of 2007), I began to make new acquaintances among other people who had realized that there’s something seriously wrong with HIV/AIDS theory. A few communications were by phone or letter, but most were by e-mail. Among the latter, in August 2007, was a request for more information from “an advanced graduate student in public health”, Joseph (Joe) C. Newton. Later posts on this blog will describe some of the features of my correspondence with JCN that seemed incongruous with the identity he claimed, features that had made me suspicious from the very beginning that Joe Newton wasn’t who he claimed to be. I remained curious about his real identity for quite some time, until JCN’s approaches to another Rethinker yielded a strong clue. Finally, now, Kalichman’s book makes plain at numerous places that Joseph C. Newton and Seth C. Kalichman are one and the same. Later chapters in Kalichman’s Komical Kapers will accordingly have more to say about JCN as well as about the contents of SCK’s book.

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