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Mainstream tiptoes toward intestinal dysbiosis theory of “HIV”

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2014/05/24

“Fixing leaks in the gut may stall progression of HIV”, reports the New Scientist, pointing to “the first direct proof that microbes that leave the gut and travel to the rest of the body — a process called microbial translocation — is the mechanism that triggers . . . health complication in people with HIV. Chronic activation of the immune system and inflammation are key triggers for the development of AIDS in many people with HIV, even if they are doing well on anti-retroviral drugs. That’s because these immune responses in turn trigger a constellation of diseases normally associating with ageing, such as cardiovascular disease.

. . . .
Earlier research found that people with HIV who had a leakier gut were more likely to die . . . .”.

All that remains is for the mainstream to realize that it is not “HIV” that causes the leaky gut, “HIV” is simply a biomarker for leaky gut.

[The Journal reference given in the New Scientist article, Journal of Clinical Investigation, DOI: 10.1172/JCI75090, seems to be incorrect. My library delivered for that DOI a not particularly pertinent article: Antignano et al., Methyltransferase G9A regulates T cell differentiation during murine intestinal inflammation, Journal of Clinical Investigation 124.5 (May 2014) 1945-55].

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