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Posted by Henry Bauer on 2008/04/16

HIV is unique not only as an infection that discriminates by race; it’s unique as a sexually transmitted infection that discriminates by race. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis seem equally able to infect humans of all racial types. No venereal disease—other than HIV/AIDS—targets primarily one racial group.

This is so incredible, and the matter is so centrally important, that no amount of supporting evidence could be redundant. To de-throne HIV/AIDS theory calls for overkill. So to the data presented in an earlier post (HIV: THE VIRUS THAT DISCRIMINATES BY RACE, 11 April 2008 ), I add some more.


The UNAIDS statistics for the global distribution of “HIV-infection” rates in 1997 and 2007 are, respectively:
Sub-Saharan Africa, 7.4% and 5.0%
Caribbean, 1.9% and 1.0%
Everywhere else, ≤ 1% in both years
(The decreases from 1997 to 2007 are officially ascribed to recent data being more accurate, not to any actual decline; after all, any decline might raise questions about the incessant propaganda alleging an uncontrollably spreading epidemic)

That unchanging global distribution parallels the proportions of people of African ancestry in those regions: a larger proportion of the Caribbean population is of African ancestry than elsewhere outside Africa.

No other sexually transmitted infection has managed to be quarantined geographically and racially in this way. North Africa, contiguous with sub-Saharan Africa, had a reported rate of 0.3% in 2007. Do people from sub-Saharan Africa not have sex with people in neighboring countries?

At various times and in various parts of the world, sex across racial lines has been taboo, even officially outlawed. The utter futility of such attempts to prevent miscegenation is demonstrated by the large numbers of people of mixed race living all over the world. Yet HIV somehow manages, more successfully than laws or taboos, to overcome sexual attraction across racial lines. HIV just doesn’t much care to be shared sexually with people of non-African (Negroid, sub-Saharan) ancestry.

You might ask, “What about all those gay men in the largely white communities where AIDS first appeared?”
True enough, there’s an apparent exception—though it implies that AIDS and HIV are synonymous whereas they are actually not correlated (chapter 9 in The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory). But leaving that aside, it would still be not so great an exception after all, because the same racial disparities as to HIV are found among gay men as in low-risk groups (and also among heterosexual clients at STD clinics). According to a CDC Fact Sheet (“HIV/AIDS among men who have sex with men”, revised June 2007), gay black men in large cities tested positive 46% of the time whereas gay white men in the same cities tested at the rate of only 21%. (See also Figures 11 & 12, p. 42, in The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory)

No interracial sex among gay men in large metropolitan areas?! Apparently, HIV-positive human beings display a sexual fastidiousness as to race that HIV-negative humans do not.


But it’s not just black and white (double entendre intended). Several anecdotes in the earlier post (HIV: THE VIRUS THAT DISCRIMINATES BY RACE, 11 April 2008 ) noted that people of mixed race test “HIV”-positive at rates that fall between those of their parents’ races; “HIV”-positive behaves, in other words, just like other physical attributes that are proportional to degrees of racial ancestry, skin color for example. Is the tendency to be infected by this sexually transmitted agent inherited in quantitative fashion?

Yet further evidence that “HIV” is race-linked comes from data on other human races; for instance, Asians always test “HIV”-positive much less frequently than whites: about 35% less often, in fact (sources cited at p. 54 in The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory, for data from the Job Corps, applicants for military service, public testing sites, and young gay men ). The death rates from “HIV disease” for 2000-2004 among Asians are also less than those of non-Hispanic whites, in that case by 70% or more (“HIV DISEASE” IS NOT AN ILLNESS, 19 March 2008).

“HIV” prefers whites over Asians by a substantial amount. I’ve come across no reports that contradict this generalization.


Data for Hispanics are routinely published in official US documents because Hispanics constitute a minority group eligible for affirmative action, but it is recognized that “Hispanic” is an ethnic and not a racial classification.

Here’s a most remarkable fact. Hispanics in the eastern USA test “HIV”-positive at far higher rates than do Hispanics in the western USA:

“In the Western states, HIV seroprevalence was similar among Hispanics and whites, while in states along the Atlantic Coast, seroprevalence was higher among Hispanics than among whites” (CDC Surveillance Report for 1992, p. 37). This difference, a large one, has been noted among military personnel and among new mothers, in the Job Corps and at various clinics, in low-risk groups as well as among drug abusers (sources cited at p. 71 ff. in The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory).

In what way could Hispanics in the East differ from Hispanics in the West?

Racially, of course.

In the Northeast, Hispanics are 40% Puerto Rican and 10% Mexican (3% Cuban, 47% “other”)
In the West, Hispanics are 75% Mexican and 2% Puerto Rican (≤1% Cuban, ≥20% “other”)
Puerto Ricans share a large proportion of relatively recent African ancestry, Mexicans do not.
(Numbers from US Census Bureau, “The Hispanic Population—Census 2000 Brief”)

Once again, people of African ancestry test HIV-positive much more frequently than do people of non-African ancestry.


US data recognize yet another racial classification, that of Native American. Compared to white Americans as 1.00, the frequency of positive “HIV”-tests among Native Americans averages 1.5 in four studies cited in my book (Table 14, p. 66; also 0.63 for Asians, 2.3 for Hispanics and 5.7 for blacks ). In a 2006 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the ratios come out as 1.23 for Native Americans, 3.3 for Hispanics, 8.5 for blacks. Data for 2005 yield ratios of 1.2 for Native Americans, 0.85 for “Asians & Pacific Islanders”, 3.2 for Hispanics, 8.1 for blacks. Noteworthy perhaps in that latter report is that “Navajo-area American Indians” tested at 0.85 compared to white Americans.

Those data once again mirror racial ancestry since they place Native Americans quite close to Caucasians. The Americas were settled, according to the latest scenario, via four major migrations from Siberia and Asia, between about 10,000 and perhaps as much as 40,000 years ago; there is some evidence also of contacts across the Pacific or from Polynesia. So Native Americans (including Mexicans) are closely related genetically to Asians and Caucasians, with little if any vestiges of African ancestry (which was, however, shared by all Homo sapiens at about 200,000 years ago).


The evidence is simply overwhelming: from every tested social group, high-risk as well as low-risk; from every part of the world; for both sexes and at all ages—wherever “HIV” tests are reported separately by race in any given sample, the tendency to test “HIV”-positive is paralleled by racial ancestry. Africans test positive most frequently, Asians least frequently, Caucasians in between but relatively close to Asians, and Native Americans quite close to Caucasians.

The geographic distribution of positive “HIV”-tests in the USA—which has not shown appreciable change during the two decades of the AIDS era—can even be calculated from the racial composition of the population in different parts of the country (p. 66 ff. in The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory). Try doing that with chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, or syphilis.

“HIV” discriminates by race just as though it were capable of recognizing the DNA sequences in the human genome. The tendency to test “HIV”-positive, for a given state of health, is determined primarily by race and significantly by age and sex. This is not how a sexually transmitted infection behaves.

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