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0.1% prevalence of “HIV” “infection” — Cause for great concern

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/12/21

The Lehrer News Hour tonight (Wednesday 21st December 2011) had a segment on imams in Morocco being trained to “educate” their flocks on the danger posed by HIV and how best to avoid it — a delicate task in a Muslim country where any form of extramarital sex is not to be talked about.

The prevalence of “HIV” in Morocco is 0.1% (~23,000 in a population of 30 million).

Strikes me as an outstanding tribute to the efforts of the international HIV/AIDS industry, to stimulate so massive an “educational” campaign in a region where there is hardly a trace of a reason for concern. How much time and money was expended, I wonder, to get this program going?

And of course the news program made no comment on the discrepancy between negligible prevalence and massive initiative.


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