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Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/07/09

Infected transplant patient a ‘mess’ — Woman was not told her kidney was high risk, attorney says” (AP, Chicago, 16 November)

“A woman in her 30s who is one of the four organ transplant patients infected with HIV and hepatitis was not told that the infected donor was high risk, and had previously rejected another donor ‘because of his lifestyle,’ her attorney [Thomas Demetrio] said. ‘She’s really a mess right now,’ Demetrio said of the Chicago-area woman. ‘She’s still in shock.’ The patient, identified in court documents as Jane Doe, received a kidney transplant at the University of Chicago Medical Center on Jan. 9, Demetrio said. . . . The woman had been told the donor was a healthy young man, her attorney said. But on Tuesday, hospital officials disclosed to the woman that he was actually high-risk, a 38-year-old gay man, Demetrio said. CDC guidelines say that gay men who are sexually active should not be used as organ donors unless the patient is in imminent danger of death. . . .
The woman had been ‘doing great’ on dialysis and had been on the donor waiting list for over six years . . . . The woman developed renal failure seven years ago but he did not know what caused it. ‘The fact is the transplant took very well. She’d been bumping along’ doing fine, ‘then she gets this phone call on Nov. 1.’ She’s been started on an HIV drug regimen ‘and unfortunately one of the side effects is it’s not good for the kidneys,’ Demetrio said. . . .
Four patients got organs in January at three Chicago hospitals from a donor who died after a traumatic injury. The donor had engaged in high-risk behaviors, according to a screening questionnaire, but standard testing showed the donor did not have AIDS or hepatitis C. . . .
Gift of Hope tested the organs and approved them for donation, telling the three hospitals that they came from a high-risk donor. Several months later, when one of the patients was being evaluated, blood tests showed the patient had HIV and hepatitis C. The other three patients were notified and tested, showing they had both viruses. The CDC says it’s the first time ever that both viruses were transmitted simultaneously through an organ transplant. It’s also the first known time since 1986 that HIV was transmitted through organ donation.”

This sad story illustrates the sorts of tragedies that follow from regarding a positive HIV-test as proof of infection by a pathogenic virus. What those tests (ELISA, Western Blot) actually detect is a variety of antibodies to a whole range of proteins, or (PCR test) bits of RNA and DNA, none of which have ever been shown to constitute part of an authentic virion of HIV. On the other hand, there is copious evidence that a great range of conditions can deliver a “positive” on an HIV test. In the present context, most pertinent are the reports that TRAUMA is associated with positive tests — see for example reports from emergency rooms and autopsies, p. 85 in The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory. When a person who has had surgery subsequently tests HIV-positive, it’s immediately assumed that infection resulted from blood transfusion or infected instruments; but perhaps the positive test merely reflects the trauma of the surgery or whatever manifest illness later ensues, as with a 65-year-old Indian patient .

“E”, a young lady of my acquaintance, tested HIV-positive following an operation for uterine cancer. Who knows how many more such cases there are? Like the Jane Doe in the transplant story, “E” was immediately put on antiretroviral drugs. The side effects kept her in hospital for months, before she decided to take charge and stop the medication — and she’s felt fine since then, just as Jane Doe did before starting on those kidney-destroying drugs, and Karri Stokely after stopping AIDS medication.

Only the truth can free us from this toll of iatrogenic human tragedies.

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