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The case against HIV

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/04/17

It’s generally believed that HIV causes AIDS, in part because it seems incredible that “science” could be so wrong. But history of science teaches that it’s anything but incredible.

The considerable evidence that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS includes:
— Lack of correlation between HIV numbers and AIDS numbers
— No correlation among “viral load”, CD4 counts, and clinical prognosis
— Published data on deaths and “infections” show no sign of purported latent period: “infection”, symptoms, deaths all show the same age distribution peaking in early middle age
— Impossible level of promiscuity needed to explain African prevalence of “HIV-positive”
— Failure of every vaccine trial
— Failure of every microbicide, even those containing antiretroviral drugs
— Constant number of “HIV-positive” Americans for three decades
— Constant demographics of “HIV” by age. race, and sex
— No actually observed sexual transmission
— Condom use has no effect on incidence of “HIV-positive”
— Pregnant women more likely to become “HIV-positive”
— Health-care workers at no risk of infection
— More breastfeeding protects babies against becoming “HIV-positive”

AIDS is a lifestyle phenomenon, not an infectious ailment.

“HIV” is a misnomer for misinterpreted “HIV” tests.

HIV/AIDS theory became established as a result of political and social pressures, not because of scientific evidence.

Those points are set out in a just-published article in EdgeScience — Current Research and Insights, #3 (April-June 2010) 6-8.  The magazine is published by the Society for Scientific Exploration and edited by Patrick Huyghe, a science writer whose credits include many articles in such major magazines as OMNI and co-authorship of books with scientists, for example, with (Louis A. Frank) The Big Splash. The Journal of Scientific Exploration,  founded in 1987, contains peer-reviewed and rather technical articles; EdgeScience is intended to make technical matters accessible to a general audience.

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