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Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/03/08

Try to convince someone that HIV/AIDS theory is wrong, and you have a number of difficulties. An important one is that most people can’t imagine that “everyone”, the authoritative agencies, the big media, could possibly be wrong about such a thing. One way to respond to that is to show that competent, distinguished, well informed scientists explain how and why it’s never been established that HIV exists or that “HIV” cause AIDS, that in fact there’s strong evidence against those things, and that moreover the drugs used to treat patients on the basis of HIV/AIDS theory are deadly.

But how can you show people that?

Best by video of competent, distinguished, well informed scientists expounding those things.

How can you get hold of such videos?

A marvelous resource is at the Immunity Resource Foundation:
From 1990, a 40-minute documentary featuring Peter Duesberg, from British TV (Channel 4);
from 2000, an interview with President Thabo Mbeki;
from 1998, an exposition of the Perth Group’s challenge to the identification of HIV and an explanation of the vast differences between different “Western Blot” tests.
You can see John Lauritsen commenting on the 1993 Berlin World AIDS Conference; and a one-hour British TV documentary filmed in several places in Africa in 1993.

Did you know that there had been a dissidents’ conference before the Oakland one last year? At the Immunity Resource Foundation website, you can see Sky News coverage of the 1992 Amsterdam Alternative AIDS Conference.
You can see BBC’s 1989 critique of Gallo’s claim to be a discoverer of HIV; Tony Brown’s interview with John Lauritsen; Michael Callen; and lots more. And there are archives of important dissidents’ articles, and links to important websites. But the videos are a unique, irreplaceable treasure. I wrote about this invaluable resource also  a couple of years ago when it was not yet so well developed [Resources for HIV/AIDS dissidents, 1 March 2008].

The Immunity Resource Foundation has an impressive title, and it’s a registered charity, but it’s maintained by just one courageous lady, Joan Shenton, whose financial resources don’t match her courage or her ambition to make these invaluable resources available to everyone, in the hopes that eventually the world will wake up and stop killing healthy people with toxic “medications” just because a semi-functional “illness” test labels them “HIV-positive”.

Joan needs help to keep this going. She sent a budget breakdown recently, and the upshot is this: To keep the archive available, to add new materials, to cover maintenance costs, adds up to about $12,000 a year. That’s really a trivial amount for such an important venture — but someone has to pay for it. Joan has managed to cover nearly $10,000 from her own personal funds — by mortgaging her house and taking out a bank loan. Even with that, she’s short about $2000 per year and doesn’t know where that can come from — some earlier donors haven’t been able to keep up their contributions.


If you could make a regular donation,
no matter how small, please let Joan know that too

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