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TB and “HIV”

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/03/26

HIV/AIDS dogmatists attribute to “HIV” any unwelcome condition in which a significant proportion of patients test “HIV-positive” — even when that condition is clearly owing to antiretroviral drugs, as with “HIV-associated lipodystrophy”  (Misleading is worse than lying — The case of “HIV-associated” lipodystrophy, 2008/11/10). Thus the tendency of people with bacterial pneumonia to test “HIV-positive” was attributed to “HIV-associated immunedeficiency” predisposing people to infection by pneumonia bacteria.
In “One fact, two interpretations”, 2009/04/26, I pointed out that such associations can equally be explained by noting that people who are ill from virtually any ailment tend to test “HIV-positive” more often than others. That is notably the case with tuberculosis. Results of “HIV” tests in the United States show members of 3 groups testing “HIV-positive” as frequently as 50% or more (Table 23 in The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory): gay men, drug abusers, and TB patients. That led me to ask rhetorically: Is tuberculosis an aphrodisiac? [2008/01/04].

Tony Lance alerted me to an article [Khopotso Bodibe, “Explaining TB-HIV integration”, 24.03.2010 ]  that illustrates how HIV/AIDS theorists misinterpret the tendency for TB patients to test “HIV-positive”. Here is an annotation of the relevant portions of that article:

“Tuberculosis and HIV are two separate infections. One is a bacterial organism that has been around for many, many years and the other is a virus that was discovered less than 30 years ago. If untreated, both can induce untold suffering and death. Now what’s worse is that over the last decade or so, HIV clinicians have observed that many of their patients develop TB over time.”
NO: people who have contracted TB are likely to test “HIV-positive” before the TB becomes overtly debilitating.
“[A]bout 80% of South Africans living with HIV will develop TB. An HIV-positive person is 50 times more likely to develop active TB than an HIV-negative individual. In most cases, TB is also the first disease that a person with HIV gets before they even know their HIV status”.
Exactly. There is no evidence that the “HIV-positive” status preceded the development of active TB. Recall, please, that when AIDS was first recognized, the characteristic diseases were Kaposi’s sarcoma, Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, and candidiasis; those, not TB, ought to be “the first disease(s) that ‘HIV-positive’ people get” .
“In Mpumalanga the TB burden is already high. About 612 people out of every 100 000 have Tuberculosis. TB is also known as the number one killer in the province. The epidemic has had a knock-on effect on the HIV prevalence” [emphasis added]
Again, exactly: “HIV-positive” Africans are not dying of the characteristic AIDS diseases, they are dying now — just like before the “AIDS” era — of tuberculosis.
Of course the incidence of TB has a “knock-on” (in American, “domino”) effect on “HIV” prevalence: TB infection is a prime cause of cross-reactions with “HIV” tests, something obvious from US statistics almost from the beginning of “HIV” testing.
“a third of the world’s population or two billion people globally, is estimated to have latent TB”
In other words, 50 times as many as the most inflated estimates for “HIV”. So which is more likely? “HIV” predisposes to TB, or TB predisposes to “HIV”? After all, 98% of TB carriers acquired it without benefit of “HIV”.
“[P]atients that are HIV-infected have a very high risk of developing Tuberculosis if they are carrying TB around in a latent form”
People with active TB are more likely to test “HIV-positive” than non-symptomatic TB carriers are.
“it’s important to remember that there is a lot of TB in the environment since we have a rampant epidemic in the country”
Yes, exactly. 50 times as many TB carriers as “HIV” carriers.
“[I]f untreated, TB can kill a person with HIV/AIDS in a matter of weeks.”
By the time a TB patient tests “HIV-positive”, the prognosis is poor: the more ill a person is, the more likely to test “HIV-positive”. Attributing the deaths to “HIV” inverts cause and effect. The mainstream has done this ever since Dondero and Curran of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention thought that the correlation between mortality and “HIV-positive” status showed that “HIV” causes death, forgetting that correlations never prove causation [Dondero & Curran, “Excess deaths in Africa from HIV: confirmed and quantified”, Lancet 343 (1994) 989-90].

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