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Posted by Henry Bauer on 2008/03/24

I knew HIV/AIDS was big business for drug companies, activists and activist groups, researchers, and others. But I hadn’t realized how institutionalized it has become in the medicine-related professions until I saw this on a blog:

AAHIVM Announces Pilot Credentialing for HIV-Expert PharmDs

WASHINGTON, D.C. March 1, 2008 — The American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM) has announced a one-year pilot program that will enable HIV-specialized Doctors of Pharmacy (PharmDs) working in clinical practice settings to participate in its widely known HIV Specialist™ credentialing program. The Academy’s pilot credentialing initiative for PharmDs is being developed in response to the large number of inquiries that the organization receives from PharmDs who have extensive day-to-day involvement with HIV treatment, and who want to attain a valid measure of recognition for their expertise in this sub-specialty.

For the 2008 credentialing program only, PharmDs who serve a substantial number of HIV patients may apply for a credentialing process that is similar to that currently offered to physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who specialize in HIV. Eligibility criteria for PharmDs will vary slightly from the current provisions for frontline providers, and successful completion of the program will yield an ”HIV Subject Matter Expert” designation (“AAHIVE”), distinct from the AAHIVS HIV SpecialistTM designation currently awarded to primary medical care providers. This one year pilot program will be open to all eligible practicing PharmDs, irrespective of membership with AAHIVM.

The criteria for entry into this pilot program will be similar to the current credentialing eligibility requirements for physicians, NPs and PAs, and are as follows:
Licensed PharmD in the state of practice
Direct involvement in the care of a minimum of 20 HIV/AIDS patients over the 24 months preceding the date of application (this requirement may be fulfilled by direct retail or clinic client service, inpatient or out-patient service in a clinic or hospital consultative role, or other treatment team roles, varying by the scope of practice in the PharmD’s home state)
Completion of a minimum of 30 hours of HIV-related CEU in the 24 months preceding the date of application”

… and more

Through that, I learned of the existence of the American Academy of HIV Medicine, which offers a trademarked “HIV Specialist” credential. However, the Academy and the HIV Specialist credential are not among the 24 specialties for which the American Board of Medical Specialties has approved Boards that certify specialists in those areas.


This is a reminder of what’s involved in trying to bring out the truth about HIV and AIDS. Thousands of doctors, nurses, and assistants have been indoctrinated as HIV Specialists. They cannot afford, psychologically as much as or more than professionally, to admit to themselves that what they have been taught might be wrong.

That’s true also for the hordes of PhD and MD researchers, and the vast number of administrators and facilitators and activists.

It’s true for a large number of “HIV”-positive people who have suffered through awful “treatments”; and it’s probably true for a large proportion of the relatives of those who died under those “treatments”.

We desperately need to discover plausible strategies by which this bandwagon might be brought to a halt (HOW CAN THE HIV/AIDS BANDWAGON BE STOPPED?, 27 January 2008; STOPPING THE HIV/AIDS BANDWAGON—-Part II, 1 February 2008).

These are my present thoughts:
1. Anyone who is not already a “dissident” greets the dissident view with utter disbelief and is therefore not willing to look at the evidence.
2. Therefore, non-dissidents can only be persuaded to look at the facts by people whom they fully trust.
3. Consequently, a chain or bridge needs to be constructed between, at the one end, dissidents who can explain and document the facts, and at the other end a person or persons whose influential position makes it possible to start an official reconsideration. That chain or bridge has to be a series of people who already know and respect and trust one another implicitly.
4. Can anyone identify people at the influence end of the bridge as well as a plausible chain from us to them?

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