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Porn Industry even freer of “HIV” than earlier admitted

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/06/17

“Health Officials Backtrack on Number of HIV Cases in Porn Industry”
17 June 2009, Assoicated Press, Los Angeles:

“County public health officials backtracked on the number of previously unpublicized HIV cases in adult film performers Tuesday, saying they don’t know if those who tested positive were actively working in the industry at the time.
Officials also corrected the number of new cases adjusting the figure upward from 16 to 18.”
In other words, there may have been 18, not 16, “HIV-positives” among people not in the porn industry?!?

“The Adult Industry Medical Foundation, the San Fernando Valley clinic that serves the porn industry, said none of the people were actively performing when they were tested. Clinic co-founder Sharon Mitchell said each case involved either a non-performer or an aspiring actor or actress who tested positive, then dropped out of the business. County public health officials said they mislabeled all reports from the clinic as adult performers, when they had no information about their occupations. The clinic was created primarily to serve the porn industry, but also serves other clients. ‘Here’s the bottom line: we’re an HIV testing center,” Mitchell, said. “We don’t just test the adult entertainment industry. We have a lot of people who come who want testing from the general public.’
The female actress who tested positive for HIV at their clinic earlier this month remains the only case detected in a working performer since 2004, Mitchell said” [emphasis added].

“Public Health Director Dr. Jonathan Fielding said . . . ‘I’m sure that AIM provides a useful service to the degree that they prevent performers from performing when they have sexually transmitted diseases or HIV”; “AIM’s efforts are ‘better than nothing,’ but not enough to prevent a life-threatening occupational hazard”.
What is one to say about these bureaucratic HIV/AIDS devotees? He’s just learned that not a single active porn star has been found “HIV-positive” since 2004 even though each one is tested once a month with the most sensitive test available, and most of the performing is done “bareback”, “unprotected”. What more could AIM be doing?! Its record is better than any official prevention campaign has ever been claimed to be.

The lesson seems obvious.
If you want to avoid becoming “HIV-positive”,
while enjoying unprotected sex,
get a job as a porn star.

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