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To Africa with love: First ARVs, now HPV vaccines

Posted on 2013/05/12

“Beyond Belief: Deadly vaccines for Africa and Asia Here’s what’s known about Gardasil and Cervarix (see Deadly vaccines): 1. There’s no good evidence that they do anyone any good 2. There’s proof that they harm some people, at times even fatally What then would one expect the manufacturers to do: Withdraw the vaccines? Of course […]

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Selling sickness and huckstering medications

Posted on 2010/11/07

Selling Sickness is the title of a book I mentioned in “You are ill — because we say you are” (2010/10/04). My full review of the book has now been published. I was reminded of it by this recent news item: “Percentage of U.S. adults with hypertension holds steady at 30% — But CDC report […]

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“HIV” has infected virology with cancer-causing viruses

Posted on 2010/01/08

Duesberg (Inventing the AIDS Virus, Regnery, 1996) described in detail how the unsuccessful, decades-long search for human-cancer-causing viruses stimulated frustrated virologists to hunt for and insist on a viral cause for AIDS. That has produced a thriving industry that’s highly lucrative for researchers and drug companies and government agencies and non-governmental entities — albeit unfortunate […]

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Posted on 2008/03/13

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): — have confused correlation with causation, thus committing perhaps the most elementary error against which students of statistics are warned (p. 194 in The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory); — invented an “hierarchical” classification scheme that set HIV/AIDS on a wrong course and made multivariate […]

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