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Gardasil and the Sad State of Present-Day Medical Practices

Posted on 2011/10/27

A common albeit bowdlerized statement of the Hippocratic Oath is, “First, do no harm”. In modern parlance, one might put it that any medical treatment should have a very high ratio of benefits compared to risks. Present-day practices do not conform to that. Some friends call me cynical, other friends call me naïve. I suppose […]

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Gardasil and Cervarix: Vaccination insanity

Posted on 2009/09/21

In my memoirs of deaning, I had written, “I would find myself thinking, Now I’ve seen everything; nothing can surprise me anymore, only to experience a novel surprise the next day or the next week”. HIV/AIDS matters are like that too, only more so, and increasingly other “medical-science” “news”. The absurdities, the self-contradictions in the […]

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HPV does not cause cervical cancer; HPV vaccination can be deadly

Posted on 2018/09/16

(Cross-posted from Evidence continues to mount that the presumed connection between HPV and cervical cancer is no more than a statistical association, not a causative relationship: The Gardasil controversy: as reports of adverse effects increase, cervical cancer rates rise in HPV-vaccinated age groups Annette Gartland “The Gardasil vaccines continue to be vaunted as life-saving, but […]

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Vaccines: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Posted on 2017/05/21

Only in recent years have I begun to wonder whether there are reasons not to follow official recommendations about vaccination. In the 1930s, I had the then-usual vaccinations, including (in Austria, perhaps Europe) against smallpox. A few others in later years when I traveled quite a bit. But the Andrew Wakefield affair *, and the […]

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HPV insanity

Posted on 2014/03/23

Number of Americans living with HPV: 79,100,000 (M and F about equally) Number of new HPV infections annually: 14,100,000 (for 2008, cited in CDC Fact Sheet “Incidence, Prevalence, and Cost of Sexually Transmitted Infections in the United States”, February 2013) In 2010 (the most recent year numbers are available) — 11,818 women in the United […]

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