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AIDS and Cold-War disinformation

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2016/11/20

A German periodical, Zeitschrift für Anomalistik, has a review of a book (ftdetrick-zfa) about the possible involvement of the East German Stasi (Security Service) in the disinformation campaign disseminating the Fort Detrick conspiracy theory — that HIV was created in biological warfare experiments in the USA.

The book was published in 2014. A year earlier, a lengthy article on the same topic had been published in Politics and the Life Sciences (32 #2, 2-99): “Disinformation squared: Was the HIV-from-Fort-Detrick myth a Stasi success?”, by Erhard Geissler and Robert Hunt Sprinkle (ftdetrickabstract).

It is taken for granted that HIV is the cause of AIDS.



3 Responses to “AIDS and Cold-War disinformation”

  1. Qur'an 59:2-7 said

    “It is taken for granted that HIV is the cause of AIDS.”

    As I say in my forthcoming book “Experts Lying to You” :

    “Finally, I shall now tell you about what is probably the most powerful propaganda technique of all. It could be called the “unmentioned pseudo-obvious”. A simple example of this is something you will often encounter in the media, in which the ruling people in countries x, y, and z are routinely referred to as “regimes”, whereas the ruling people in countries a, b, and c are routinely referred to as “governments”. And meanwhile those media never address the question of what evidential justification there is for that difference of terminology.

    A more developed example is a radio program just today about the difficulty of obtaining some cancer drugs. It goes on for 45 minutes about all the difficulties of some drugs only working for situation x or y, the NICE committee being very stingey with their funding decisions, and so on. It’s all very impressively critical and logical and by goes-without-saying implication soundly evidence-based. Listening to it you would easily assume that it is accurately presenting a proper sound scientific discipline. It impresses you by carefully-managed mentioning of some of the methodological points I’ve made above here.

    And yet it makes not the slightest mention of any of the damning facts pointed out in the books by Gotzsche, Healy, Goldacre, Davis, Kendrick and many others. Nor does it even begin to address what evidence there is that any of these drugs are at all good for anyone. The deceiving surface of criticalness is carefully designed to avoid penetrating to the real problems which show the entire drugs industry “science” to be utter baloney unworthy of any characterisation as science.”

  2. David Crowe said

    Does the book describe the reasons why the Stasi would care about HIV/AIDS? This seems a direct attack on scientists like Duesberg who didn’t swallow the US theory that HIV was a deadly virus from Africa. But what would be more plausible would be that the Stasi actually believed the US theory and wanted to prevent people from effectively countering the epidemic.

    • Henry Bauer said

      I only read the book review, not the book itself. But apparently the KGB was taking this opportunity just to hassle the US, and East Germany (and Rumania) wanted to help.

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