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HIV and Intestinal Dysbiosis: Probiotics are good for HIV+ people

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2016/06/26

I thank Marco Ruggiero for alerting us to these important articles, which report that probiotics can increase CD4 counts and improve health in general:

Irvine et al. (including Gregor Reid), “Probiotic Yogurt Consumption is Associated With
an Increase of CD4 Count Among People Living With HIV/AIDS”, Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, 44 (2010) e201–e205 (ProbioticCD4increase)

Gregor Reid, “The potential role for probiotic yogurt for people living with HIV/AIDS”, Gut Microbes, 1 (2010) 411-414 (ProbioticReidGutMicrobes)

Ruben Hummelen et al. (including Gregor Reid), “Effect of 25 weeks probiotic supplementation on immune function of HIV patients”, Gut Microbes 2: (2011) 80-85 (25weeks-probiotics)

6 Responses to “HIV and Intestinal Dysbiosis: Probiotics are good for HIV+ people”

  1. Marshall Sandefur said

    HIV has never hurt anyone. I’ved sex with many women who are HIV positive and nobody is sick or ever will get sick
    because of HIV. All you have to do is don’t take the toxic antiretroviral drugs and you will be alright. Read “inventing the AIDS Virus ” by Peter Duesberg if you want to find out what happen. He is the scientist that isolated the genetic structure of a retrovirus. And so far as counting T cells, who is it that proved that their is a direct relationship between T cell count and the strength of your immune system. Dr. Gottlieb invented the method to count T cell, but at the time he was testing patients who used “poppers” and many other drugs. Study and learn. Many healthy athletes have very low T cell counts. Wake up people! Its time.

  2. Ingestion of poison increases CD4 counts, exercise decreases them. Dissidents have always argued the counts are not a surrogate of health. To me, promoting products supposed to increase the counts as “good for HIV+ people” amounts to jumping onto the HIV/AIDS bandwagon, apparently inorder to commercialy exploit a niche “need”.

    • Henry Bauer said

      It’s well worth pointing out that probiotics accomplish without harmful “side” effects what highly toxic ARVs are supposed to do.

  3. Probiotics are good for everybody. The title incorrectly suggests that HIV+ people have a health problem to treat.

    • Henry Bauer said

      The official position is that HIV+ people must take ARVs. Showing that non-toxic probiotics have the desired effect is a great service to all HIV+ people, because most of them accept the official position

  4. benedetto said

    has anybody ever established a correlation between the amount of cd4 T cells in the periferal blood and one’s health and well being ? As far as I can remember they have much so there are hiv+ people out there who get aids even if they manage to increase these numbers up to “normal ranges”, they call it Immune Recostituition syndrome, so what is the point of making cd4 cells appear in the bloodstream in the first place?

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