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New dissident book

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2015/10/18

Le Falsità sull’AIDS
Ancora Imbrogliati Dalla Scienza? d  by Domenico Mastrangelo

Google can translate the pages (sort of), enough to be able to get a sense of teh book from the translated Forewords

7 Responses to “New dissident book”

  1. Ban Trees Now! said

    Not sure you really need google translate. I could understand most of it even though I’ve never spent a second on learning Italian. If only one could say the same of German, Russian, and Chinese! Google translate is useful for reading the original and checking across for the words you aren’t sure of. That way you rapidly learn the language too rather than just fumbling at the same old level.

  2. lukas said

    New conference of Mastrangelo MD on you tube released(for the ones who can understand italian):

    • benjo said

      Grazie Lukas,

      by the way, are you from Rome like me? I’ve been reading on this subject for four years so far and …for me it would be nice to meet and share opinions/doubts/nfo with someone “real”. 🙂 .let me know..


      • lukas said

        hi benedetto,yes i’m italian, pleased to know you but i don’t live in rome,yes i’ve also been reading on this subject for years like you,i’m intrigued by this controversy for intellectual reasons.I add the link to this video that i guess you have already watched but it may be interesting to an international audience also : dr mastrangelo and hiv dissident Vaccaro are attacked by an hiv-orthdox journalist :’hiv-non-esiste_603524.html

      • Benjo said

        What a pity! no Lukas I haven’t seen it..and i think I am not going to see it sufficed to me to read in the link you provided the phrase: “toffa – hiv does not exist” ..and that’s enough for me ..quite annoying 😦

  3. lukas said

    new Mastrangelo video deal with oxidative stress and arvs:

  4. Giorgio said

    Hi, another Italian who wrote (with an alias) about this subject is John D. Cajo with the thriller “American Killer”. It’s an published already in 2012. Cheers.

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