HIV/AIDS Skepticism

Pointing to evidence that HIV is not the necessary and sufficient cause of AIDS

HIV/AIDS history and facts

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2015/08/08

Cardiac surgeon  Donald W. Miller has written a wonderfully comprehensive yet concise analysis of the genesis of HIV/AIDS and of the actual facts:

“HIV/AIDS: Unmasking Medical Falsehood…”.

It illustrates the feeling of alienation, of being relatively sane in an insane world, that I get periodically:

Who looks at evidence? Almost no one


4 Responses to “HIV/AIDS history and facts”

  1. David Bailey said


    Thanks for that incredibly informative article! I am not a medical doctor, and so it is very hard to judge the validity of the case against HIV causing AIDS, and it is pleasing (but scary) to see your views corroborated from yet another source.

    However, a few features of modern junk science seem almost universal (sort of analogous to Koch’s Postulates):

    1) Those with an alternative point of view are answered with ad hominems, and if possible they are also accused of some sort of corrupt motive.

    2) There are formerly very senior scientists leading the call for a rethink, and they are NEVER permitted to speak at large conferences, and find it hard to publish anything.

    3) Those presenting the orthodox viewpoint never discuss the problematic evidence in any detail, or use arguments that seem to miss the point if you read them in detail.

    4) Big business (and/or big science) is almost always profiting from acceptance of the orthodox viewpoint!

    5) There are often pieces of clearly false evidence that still get trotted out as if they hadn’t been convincingly debunked – such as Ancel Keys’ cherry picked graph of heart disease vs saturated fat consumption.

    Your theory scores very highly using that list of tests!


  2. lukas said

    These are the first admissions made by mainstream that hiv science is a failure: more non aids deaths in art era:

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