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AIDS Rethinking doctors

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2015/01/09

People surprised by positive HIV-tests sometimes ask for help. At last, Rethinking AIDS has assembled a list — all too short! — of medically qualified practitioners who do not subscribe to HIV/AIDS dogma: Rethinking AIDS Medical Professionals List

4 Responses to “AIDS Rethinking doctors”

  1. HIV cures everything, denialists claim.... said

    But None in the UK. Well, what a suprise. UK has become one of the most oppressive societies in the world in respect of most things medical. Now 100% Wakefield-free.

    • Matt said

      Given there are no doctors listed for any of 24 counties of the EU, and none for any English-speaking nation outside of the USA, that’s a rather silly comment. We all know very well that there are no official Medical Physicians employed within the UK National Health Service that identify as not subscribing to the ‘HIV/AIDS’ theory, but that is the same for every other nation on this planet. There are private doctors who will treat patients outside of that theory.
      As for Wakefield, I am not aware of any national health care system that supports the view of Wakefield and, unlike in the USA, vaccinations are not a legally imposed norm and not a condition of school entry.

  2. lukas said

    I would like to add this exception.I’m talking about the case of a subscriber of the orthdox dogma that hiv causes aids that is at the same time a “rethinker”.This case demonstrates without doubt that something is completely wrong in the hiv aids mainstream view.Doctor Leibowitch has scientifically demonstrated that lowering arvs dosage till one or two or three times per week gives as the same results as taking the meds every day.If there is no public debate on this important discover that directly comes from orthdoxy how can people expect to find easily doctors that think outside the box?For the ones who can get some french:

  3. lukas said

    Hiv-aids science is always full of surprises and huge contradictions.We can add in the list of dissenting doctors even the prominent orthodox scientists now as prof.Montaigner.He has recently said that it is better to quit chemicals in favour of natural therapy.Wasn’t he in favour of azt in the 80s?How can be possible to treat with herbs a deadly virus?Can we conclude it wasn’t bad at all?

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