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More innocent victims of HIV/AIDS witch-hunt mania

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2014/12/30

It’s been known for more than a couple of decades that a positive “HIV” test can result from dozens of conditions, some of them diseases, others not — section 3.2.2 in The Case against HIV.

At least, it’s been known to people who are familiar with the peer-reviewed literature. That doesn’t include huge swaths of health-care-associated people and institutions. So when someone tests “HIV-positive”, the ignorant conclusion is almost invariably drawn that the unfortunate “HIV-positive” person has been infected in some way; and if sexual intercourse seems impossible, then it must be through dirty needles — even though peer-reviewed studies have shown that using fresh needles conduces to more prevalence of “HIV-positive”, not less (section 3.3.8 in The Case against HIV).

Innumerable absurdities have damaged innumerable individuals and groups because “HIV-positive” is taken as proof of infection: an 18-month-old baby is infected despite the absence of all possible modes of infection (Immaculate infection by HIV). I’ve noted many other absurdities (159 posts are currently in the “HIV absurdities” category on this blog), for example Spontaneously generated HIV; Youngest person sexually infected with HIV? How are pre-teens infected?; World AIDS Day: Black Stars and “life-saving” HAART; Spontaneous generation of “HIV”.

A striking example has just been reported by the Sydney Morning Herald:
“A four-year-old girl is the latest of more than 200 residents of a remote Cambodian village who have tested positive for HIV, baffling health officials. . . .
more than 200 of the 1700 people . . . have tested positive for HIV since testing began early in December. Residents panicked and rushed to be tested after a 74-year-old man inexplicably tested positive . . . . [and] two women aged 81 and 83 . . . .
all possible causes of HIV transmission were being considered
[but of course none of the many possible causes NOT resulting from “transmission”; after all, some quite common infections like flu, tuberculosis, malaria, can conduce to positive “HIV” tests; so can some vaccinations, very pertinent when “HIV” infection via needles is being alleged]
. . . Cambodian officials have pointed the finger at an unlicensed Cambodian doctor who has admitted re-using needles and syringes on patients. . . .
Cambodian authorities have charged the unlicensed doctor Yem Chhrin, 55, who had practised in the commune for 21 years, with committing murder with a ‘cruel act’. He faces a sentence of life imprisonment if convicted.”

Cambodia, and especially Yem Chhrin, badly need a branch of Clark Baker’s Office of Medical and Scientific Justice.

4 Responses to “More innocent victims of HIV/AIDS witch-hunt mania”

  1. davidcrowe said

    Good find Henry, I love these bizarre stories, and the total and utter lack of skepticism in the mainstream media.

    • Henry Bauer said

      I also sent this e-mail to the journalist who wrote the story:

      “When there are “HIV-positive” reports with apparently inexplicable sources of infection, it should be remembered that there are a host of other reasons for testing “HIV+”, i.e. a host of reasons for false positive HIV-tests; see section 3.2.2 in The Case against HIV”

      I’m not holding my breath in anticipation of a response.

  2. CJ said

    HIV has got to be the most associated “mis-association” ever. As someone who had the classic immune system decline in function, then wasting, then cancer, etc. and the a rebound in health, looking and feeling better than ever, yet still living a very sexual life, I can say first hand HIV seems just an indicator of something, not an direct indication. If I were infected by a lethal retrovirus, and now only take ARV’s once a day every other day, and supplements and LDN [low dose naltrexone, see further comment], how could I possibly be “infected” with something, if my protocol for restoring health involves taking the ARV drugs less than 50% of the time? I really think HIV is indicating an immune system out of whack and a body’s metabolism out of whack. It’s all about systems out of balance…the first thing they do is put you on steroids so you eat constantly. Then they put you on ARV’s that slow down your metabolism. Voila! You are no longer a concentration camp victim. But what really stopped my constant allergies, nasal drip and cough, warts, etc. and other problems was LDN. ARV’s were keeping me alive and sure I gained weight, etc…but the LDN is what really turned it around. It really does help the immune system help itself. Lifestyle and environment and stress can throw all body systems out of balance. It can be reverse. Lethal infection my white gay ass!

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