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Hidden in plain view: Disproof of HIV/AIDS theory

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2014/08/07

Several devastating flaws in mainstream HIV/AIDS theory are plainly to be seen in the mainstream literature and the public domain, yet HIV/AIDS proponents and media coverage manage to ignore and thereby suppress them.

Perhaps most striking are the 1990-95 publications from Montagnier’s lab [1] which demonstrated that “HIV” is harmless and that CD4 cells are damaged only by mycoplasma(s) present in sera of people suffering from “AIDS”. The involvement of mycoplasmas was confirmed independently by Lo [2].

Further confirmation came from Bernton et al. [3] who found that the neurotoxicity of “HIV isolates” was owing to mycoplasmas and not to “HIV”. No matter this never-refuted report, HIV/AIDS enthusiasts continue to talk about “HIV-associated” dementia which, if not brought on by mycoplasmas, could also be blamed on toxic antiretroviral drugs [4].

Pease [5] pointed out that mycoplasmas are ubiquitous, are eminently capable of causing illnesses, and that electron micrographs of “HIV isolates” show mycoplasma-like particles.

These facts no doubt underlie Montagnier’s frequent assertions that healthy immune systems can readily repulse any attacks from “HIV”.
It seems truly remarkable that the suppression of facts unwelcome to the HIV/AIDS orthodoxy can be so effective that it even silences the heretical statements of a person who had been awarded a Nobel Prize for his work on “HIV”, never mind the never-questioned or refuted publications demonstrating the involvement of mycoplasmas in “AIDS”.



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15 Responses to “Hidden in plain view: Disproof of HIV/AIDS theory”

  1. Liu said

    Did you read about this latest news – People With HIV May Be at Lower Risk for Multiple Sclerosis ( It seems absurd that HIV can cause dementia but lowers the risk of MS which is also a neural disease !

    • Henry Bauer said

      HIV/AIDS stuff is full of absurdities, see my many blog posts (158 at present) in that category “HIV absurdities”. When the theory and explanations are wrong, naturally researchers come up with impossible, ludicrous claims

      • That HIV can cause dementia is no surprise as its leading infectious pathogens, M. tuberculosis and M. avium both cause dementia. As for demyelinating MS……….the article referred to says: “This lower risk may be due to constant suppression of the immune system due to the HIV infection itself [more probably mycobacterial immunosuppression] and/or the antiretroviral drugs used to treat the infection, according to the researchers.”
        This is a bit odd at first glance as there have been studies in which Isoniazid, first-line for TB helped MS symptomatology…….that is, until one remembers that with regards to the antiretrovirals themselves, they do have action against both MTB and avium, so perhaps this might lower their own risk of demyelinating nerve fibers in the case of a CNS involvement.

      • lukas said

        I want to point out this absurdity.It is said hiv lowers immunity and indirectly it causes a number of diseases.According the “immunological surveillance theory of cancer” tumors may become uncontrolled and thrive if immunity is weak.The idea is the same Broxmeyer is doing for dementia.Some say tcell have a specific role in keeping cancerous cells quite.There are wide references about this theory on the net or in scientific journals.I ask myself why if this theory is even partially true cancers really don t appear massively in aids patients in places of opportunistic infection?Aids definition contain only few cancers allegedly aids correlated while if theory was true there should have been many cases with different type of cancers and not only kaposi or cervical cancer for ex,and there should have been studies documenting correlation of cancers in seronegative with few cd4 cells…what do you think?

      • Henry Bauer said


        I think “cancer” like “AIDS” covers a considerable number of different conditions. Different cancers might have different causes, and control by immune system may work for some but not for others, and/or maybe in some people but not in others.

  2. lukas said

    i guess the issue of the lowering of cd4 cells is more complex than mycoplasm and involve many others factors such as the quality and quantity of the oxidising agents with which cultures were stimultated,presence of many different kinds of microbe in blood of aids patients(microbe collectors),presence of apoptosis due to “radiation drugs,corticosteroids etc,”:

    • Henry Bauer said

      The main point is that “HIV” does not kill CD4 cells

      • lukas said

        i personally trust Duesberg opinion on the matter,and the fact that mainstream has switched from apoptosis to pyroptosis model is only a theoretical patch to keep alive a bankrupt hypothesis.

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  4. lukas said

    Prof Bauer,
    I bring to your attention this interesting paper from last aids conference.It deals with seroreversion in a person with full-blown aids.I guess it is another piece in disproving hiv-aids theory

    • Henry Bauer said


      Many thanks for this:

      “MOPE016 – Poster Exhibition
      Functional cure and seroreversion after advanced HIV disease following 7-years of antiretroviral treatment interruption
      A. Urueña1, A. Mangano2, R. Arduino3, P. Aulicino2, I. Cassetti1
      1Helios Salud, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2Hospital de Pediatría ‘Prof. Dr. J.P. Garrahan’, Laboratorio de Biología Celular y Retrovirus-CONICET, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 3The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, United States
      Background: Very early antiretroviral treatment (ART) during primary infection can lead to functional cure in a subset of patients called post-treatment controllers. However, there is no evidence that functional cure can be reached after chronic HIV-1 infection. We report a 51-year old female diagnosed with advanced HIV-1 infection that has no detectable HIV-1 viremia and seroreverted after 7 years off-ART.
      Methods: Case report of a patient hospitalized in 1996 with wasting syndrome and probable toxoplasma encephalitis. Two HIV-1 positive ELISA tests and a positive Western Blot (WB) confirmed HIV-1 infection. She was treated with pyrimetamin and clindamicin and started on zidovudine, didanosine and nevirapine soon after diagnosis. Pre-treatment HIV-1 viral load (VL) and CD4+ T cell count are not available. After two weeks on ART, her CD4+ T cell count and VL were 164 cells/µl and 2,200 RNA copies/mL (RT-PCR), respectively. She recovered without neurologic sequel. She developed virological failure after one year with VL 36,000 copies/mL (Nasba HIV-1) and CD4+ T cell count 490 (32%) cells/µl. ART was changed to stavudine, lamivudine and indinavir in Nov 1997 and, thereafter, VL persisted < 50 RNA copies/mL. ART was interrupted in 2007 due to dyslipidemia and lipodystrophy. She remains undetectable with successive VLs less than 400, 50 or 20 copies/mL depending on the available test (Roche® Standard or Ultrasensitive RT-PCR Amplicor -automated Cobas-, and Cobas/Ampliprep, respectively).
      Results: CD4+ T cell count remained stable between 568-885 cells/µl since 2007. Current CD4/CD8 ratio is 1.4 and VL by Cobas/Ampliprep and bDNA CHIRON HIV-1 RNA 3.0 was < 20 and < 50 RNA copies/mL, respectively. Proviral HIV-DNA was not detected in PBMCs by PCR targeting gag, pol and env genes. No CCR5 delta 32 deletion was detected. HLA-B (Luminex) was 41;58. HIV-1 ELISA and WB were re-tested, resulting no reactive in two separate samples.
      Conclusions: This is the first report of a functional cure case that also seroreverted after advanced HIV disease and suggests that post-treatment control could be achieved following chronic HIV-1 infection. Further studies are undergoing to assess HIV-1 reservoirs in this patient."

      The "patient" is now 51. In 1996 she was therefore 33. The chances of "testing HIV+" are maximum in the 30s and early 40s and decrease at higher ages. Nothing to do with "infection". See Figure 2 in my book The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory, Jefferson (NC): McFarland 2007

  5. KC Blair said

    Hello, Henry.
    May I help clarify for the layman your “Hidden in plain view: Disproof of HIV/AIDS theory?” Repetition helps.
    1. HIV-AIDS theory is false and always has been because of 2 and 3 below.
    2. HIV is not a virus or known to harm anyone. Scientific findings show it doesn’t transfer between us but it comes and goes within us. Being harmless means it has nothing to do with sex of any kind, homosexuality or needles. It has no significant relationship with AIDS and none of its relationships are causal. Changes in what our culture calls HIV incidence have nothing to do with changes in our overall health, happiness and longevity.
    3. AIDS was made up of a collection of low-incidence diseases known to be harmful before the HIV-AIDS hypothesis was developed and named around 1980. These low-rate diseases have little or nothing to do with what’s been killing homosexuals since the ‘80s. Even in Africa it has been determined that it is not AIDS but malnutrition taking more lives. As new low-incidence diseases and geography have been added to the AIDS definition, the incidence and number of AIDS cases seems to have grown. Surprise! But, what has been killing people if not AIDS?
    4. HIV-AIDS-NOT. (AKA The Billie Holiday Condition to me) When I was six-years-old (1947) my mother came out on our porch with tears in her eyes. I asked her why she was crying and she said she just heard on the radio her favorite entertainer, jazz singer Billie Holiday, was addicted to heroin, her performance quality was declining and she was expected to die young. Later, mom read to me from the paper that Billie, like so many entertainers, was taking too many drugs intended to make her feel good. Then after a few years of addictive consumption her immune system would wear out and stop protecting her from normal deviations from health. Mom’s doctor explained to her that in addition to drugs that get us high like amyl nitrate (poppers), most prescription drugs like AZT would result in conditions leading to early death. Billie Holiday died in 1959 at age 44.

    Since the 1980s we have been chasing HIV-AIDS-NOT with billions of wasted dollars and the associated deaths. How tragic! Everyone knew at the time that Billie Holiday had to stop taking drugs before it was too late. I had an MD friend whom died a few years ago in his early 90s. When I told him of my finding that modern medicine and its invasive drugs and surgery were doing more harm than good, that is “The cure is worse than the disease,” he reached out, put his hand on my chest and said, “Remember, KC, no matter what they tell you, all healing comes from within.”

    Sources: See Henry. 🙂

    Be well, Henry.

    KC Blair

  6. Rummel Mor said

    Henry, have you read this story.

    I thought ALL “HIV Tests” were False Positive. LOL

    • Henry Bauer said

      Rummel Mor:
      Thanks for the link.
      Search for “porn” on my blog, I’ve written several posts saying that the porn industry’s record shows that “HIV” isn’t sexually transmitted.
      And of course you’re right, ALL “HIV+” results are false in the sense of concerning “HIV infection”.

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