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Mainstream tiptoes toward intestinal dysbiosis theory of “HIV”

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2014/05/24

“Fixing leaks in the gut may stall progression of HIV”, reports the New Scientist, pointing to “the first direct proof that microbes that leave the gut and travel to the rest of the body — a process called microbial translocation — is the mechanism that triggers . . . health complication in people with HIV. Chronic activation of the immune system and inflammation are key triggers for the development of AIDS in many people with HIV, even if they are doing well on anti-retroviral drugs. That’s because these immune responses in turn trigger a constellation of diseases normally associating with ageing, such as cardiovascular disease.

. . . .
Earlier research found that people with HIV who had a leakier gut were more likely to die . . . .”.

All that remains is for the mainstream to realize that it is not “HIV” that causes the leaky gut, “HIV” is simply a biomarker for leaky gut.

[The Journal reference given in the New Scientist article, Journal of Clinical Investigation, DOI: 10.1172/JCI75090, seems to be incorrect. My library delivered for that DOI a not particularly pertinent article: Antignano et al., Methyltransferase G9A regulates T cell differentiation during murine intestinal inflammation, Journal of Clinical Investigation 124.5 (May 2014) 1945-55].

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22 Responses to “Mainstream tiptoes toward intestinal dysbiosis theory of “HIV””

  1. Marshall Sandefur said

    I wonder how many more years is it going to take that HIV has never made anyone sick. When are we going to wake up?

  2. lukas said

    I’m not a man of science but ordinary hiv-skeptic person.My readings have led me to consider also cysteine depletion as all entire work of dr Heinrich Kremer pointed out.Cysteine is the building block of gluthatione a fundamental molecule for detoxification.I was impressed in reading the huge amount of loss of cysteine in positive people through urine after 10 years!According to his studies administering NAC,a gluthation precursor,even if does not reverse cd4,is enough to cause their falling to be stopped.And one time i read a paper that claimed similar depletion was included also in Siv infection.Hiv positive could be the marker ,not of a retroviral infection,but of many nutrients abnormalities,and this truth is aknowledged also by orthodoxy.But they put this truth in secondary order or as a secondary effect of hiv,defining it “incidental”.The role such nutrients play on immunity is much more established then the role of hiv,if we consider the lack of correlation between viral load and cd4 cells loss.According dr Kremer is useless replenish the organism of such nutrients if it is again depleted by the prescription of arvs(they are gluthation-consuming),so the complementarity orthodoxy talks about must be rejected.The following paper confirms my doubts and how these deficiencies should be more investigated:(even if it doesn’t accept kremer last suggestion: Prof Bauer what do you think about all this?Thank you.

    • Henry Bauer said

      I think there are many different reasons for testing HIV+. People who have had such a test and who feel ill at some time need to try to find out why they are ill, unfortunately doctors who look further than “HIV” are hard to find.
      I have no qualifications to comment on the Kremer theory, sorry.

  3. DC said

    But how do we treat leaky gut?

    • lukas said

      the most important substance is L-glutammine(and probiotics of course),but there are many others such as:N-acetyl-glucosamine,aloe vera,zinc,bioflavonoids,lactoferrin,slippery elm,proper diet etc…make your researches on the power of these substances in combination to heal the gut lining

  4. CJ said

    I took a lot of stock in the intestinal dysbiosis theory until I read that Tony Lance–who wrote the GRID paper on it–resorted to taking ARV drugs at some point. I’d also like to point out that while there may be some truth the intestinal dysbiosis theory, there may not be. My bi friend douches on a daily basis because it’s cleaner and just more convenient to get it over with and not have to deal with it at inopportune times. He told me that Mae West used to douche twice a day every day, and I don’t think she developed AIDS. So you’d have to wonder, how many straight people are douching and are fine, but you’d never know about it, because it’s not a subject anyone readily talks about. I used to douche daily 2 and 3 times a day every day and yes, I got the classic wasting and then pneumonia and then lymphoma. But while I try to douche less, I still do it almost daily, and I’m maintaining my weight and not getting ill even after going through chemo. So maybe I’m someone who’ll end up dropping dead because even though I’m doing ok on ARV’s (in the process of weaning myself of them, taking low dose naltrexone daily and will eventually try to see how well I do on that and supplements alone), perhaps that’s true. I forgot to mention that I’m also on Bactrim but take probiotics every day and time them correctly so that the ARV’s and antibiotics don’t kill the good baceteria. Perhaps this is helping me, perhaps not. But I have to say, what good is this theory if there is no education for gay men or anyone , that matter, who douches anally and regularly? Without the message out there that this could be harmful, it won’t stop it from happening. Those questioning AIDS have to find a way to get their knowledge taken seriously, or else it’s going to continue to be theoretical and nothing more. I’ve never heard a doctor mention ONCE anything about my intestinal health or anything about douching. Infectious Disease doctor knws I’m gay–no mention of this at all. I don’t mean to belittle this theory, it does make sense, and it’s out there in the mainstream that good bacteria in our guts is a good thing. I don’t dispute that. I just question whether or not it’s relevant to everyone who tests positive, and draw attention once again that thinking and discussing has been great and should have been done. But at some point all of the dissident theories and ideas and ideas for how to treat immune dysfunction have to be made more accessible to people. When I first found out about the dissident theory, I must have missed the piece on intestinal health. It wasn’t until I was officially an AIDS person that I read about Tony Lance. Why there is such a chasm between what dissidents are saying is important for our health and what regular doctors discuss with is truly a mystery. Dissident doctors are also not easy to come by. Putting a practical spin on the subject, as I’m finding that it’s sorely lacking in dissident arenas. Can anyone tell me of a directory of dissident physicians that is available to people for when they get sick?

    • Henry Bauer said

      Every individual is different, and so every individual case of HIV+ and illness may be different.
      Intestinal dysbiosis could account for any number of incidents, yet Tony Lance could get ill for entirely different reasons. A huge problem is that the mainstream offers no guidance for enhancing immune systems, so people in Tony’s situation are left with anecdotes about HIV+ people who got better when taking ARVs for a short time, which Drs. Koehnlein and Sacher also have used when faced with undiagnosable ailments. This issuie is nuch discussed at Questioning AIDS and resistance is fruitful

      If we dissidents knew how to get others to listen, we would have done it already….

      The only American doctor I know of who seems to take an empirical approach to these things is Matt Irwin. I’ll ask the RA Board whether it could be feasible to draw up a directory, thanks for the suggestion.

      • CJ said

        I knew about Matt Irwin. I guess I get a bit flustered, because a lot of what you’re saying, Henry and other dissidents too makes a ton of sense. I suppose in the back of my head is scares me a bit that there’s such a disconnect between what is good for us, and what we should know, and what doctors tell us or know. Sometimes it feels as though I have to be my own doctor. So be it. But I do have to say thank you to you and people like you–the information is there on the net to find out about and without it, I’d be in the dark. I guess I feel that others should know about it too, and it bothers me sometimes that they can’t. The way the system works. Happy Memorial Day.

      • Henry Bauer said

        We all need to be our own doctors because medicine has become so dogmatic. Marcia Angell wrote this:
        “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine” (New York Review of Books, 56 #1, 15 January 2009).
        Your situation is worse than any others I know of, though, because there is not only lack of reliable knowledge but also the distraction of wrong, illogical mainstream theory and practice.
        People who suffer from really rare conditions — PANDA, Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy — face similar dilemmas. Also those affected by conditions that officially don’t exist, like Chronic Lyme disease, or for which there is no agreed treatment, like Irritable Bowel syndrome or Chronic Fatigue syndrome; “When doctors can’t tell you what’s wrong”; “Encephalitis and Hashimoto’s Encephalitis”.
        There’s so much ballyhoo about the wonders of modern medicine — which are real enough, I don’t deny — that it’s easy to forget how much is not understood.


    • James said

      BTW CJ something else occurred to me about MSM.

      I can’t remember any reference off the top of my head, but on numerous occasions I saw it cited that low glutathione levels were a stronger indicator of immune deficiency than low T-cell count. The reason my friend with AIDS may have had his best 18 months of health in 20 odd years could be due to the addition of sulphur in his body from taking MSM. Very few medical tests have been done on MSM, but those that have been done seem to indicate that, at least over a period of a few months, it is less toxic than water.

      As I mentioned, my friend’s first manifestation that there was something seriously wrong with him was a whole series of digestive tract problems which made him give up eating. Despite multiple tests for obscure conditions, and 3 colonoscopies, no problem was ever identified. Yet within 48 hours of ARVs his gut problems were on their way out (clearly not the way that ARVs are supposed to be working), and this despite his belief that they would probably kill him in his state of severe malnourishment.

      Scientists have supposedly identified the cause of AIDS. The organism they say causes AIDS has a lifecycle of 8 bio-chemical stages they claim to understand. They introduce a DNA chain terminator, which should stop that organism reproducing (assuming of course they have identified the right organism and they do understand how it reproduces). Yet when they did this, it failed dismally. Rather than question the theory, they start to give victims two different chain terminators. That worked better, so then they give people 3 different chain terminators. That worked better. But just 1 terminator should have worked if the theory was correct.

      And these double and triple combinations of terminators work for some patients, for some of the time. So, what started out supposedly as a “laser strike” at the genetic level has actually ended up needing the equivalent of “cluster bombs”. This means that when these treatments are successful, the “scientists” really have no idea why they (sometimes) work for (some) people (for some time). This is not science. This is trial and error, with an almost total refusal to admit that that is what it is, nor to admit the mistakes, nor to admit that the (sometimes) successful treatments actually indicate that theory on which they are based is almost entirely wrong.

      It seems logical to me that if someone who thinks this is junk science is getting ill, then this person should still start down this path of (trial and error) in taking ARVs. The first one he tries might work, if not, try another. If like my friend he is going to starve to death in a few more months, then he has little to lose. ARVs should not be taken on the basis that they work according to the theory. If they are taken it should be on the basis that they have been shown to treat the symptoms, not the cause.

      There’s a whole world of things that doctors don’t understand about that alimentary tube and microbes, and which they are reluctant to even consider.

      I remember reading somewhere that by the time a doctor retires something like 80% of what he was taught as fact at medical school will have been debunked. The latest of these is the guff about saturated fat and heart attacks, and the rubbish about sun-protection cream being the answer to the “problem” of exposure to the sun.

      • James said

        Here is a story about a scientist who thinks that antibiotics usage has seriously disrupted the bowel flora, such that this disruption may be the cause of the outbreak of many new disease conditions.

        Significantly the two friends of mine who both had syphilis, must both have taken 30 to 60 courses of antibiotics between the ages of 20 and 40 (around the time they were diagnosed with AIDS). This excludes the massive doses of antibiotics they were given to treat their late-stage syphilis. I’m someone who had regular bronchitis from being a child. I doubt I’ve had 20 courses of antibiotics in 50 years.

        I note from that article that the huge rises in acid reflux, bowel inflammation, etc. are both being attributed to damage to the intestinal ecosystem. These were the mysterious symptoms that no doctor could explain (and which they did not even seem to take seriously) when my friend presented with them.

        I don’t think that douching, enemas, colonic irrigation and regular treatment with antibiotics can be healthy for the regulation of normal gut flora. My close friend still has to (fairly regularly) take anti-candida medication. He tries all the natural ways to keep candida at bay, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Probiotics haven’t helped against candida?
        Some mainstream sources are now using fecal transplants when undesirable bacteria have taken over in the gut: Google “fecal transplant” for many links

    • James said

      “But I have to say, what good is this theory if there is no education for gay men or anyone , that matter, who douches anally and regularly? ”

      Of the 3 friends of mine who were diagnosed as having AIDS, I’m fairly certain neither of them ever used a douche. However, 2 of them did have cases of Syphillis which went undiagnosed for a long time (to the shame of the doctors to whom my friends presented with classic symptoms, but which he doctors failed to diagnose until the syphillis was in an advanced state).

      Mind you, I once got crab lice and went to see a general physician, and even told him what I thought I had. He told me that this was impossible (!?!). In fact, my diagnosis was right. Sadly too often my diagnosis is right about my own medical conditions years before doctors finally drop their blinkers and consider what I’ve been saying to them month after month for years on end. Even worse, over the phone I’ve managed to diagnose serious medical problems my friends have had, even when their doctor has ruled out such conditions. Getting my friends to insist on further tests have shown how appallingly bad doctors are. I’ve had no medical training, only high school biology and chemistry. I’ve not even read a single scientific textbook in the last 30 years. Many people who consider themselves rational scientists are just amazingly blinkered.

  5. David Bailey said

    The New Scientist article mentioned experiments on primates infected with SIV. Does SIV produce AIDS-like disease, and if so, doesn’t that strengthen the conventional explanation of AIDS?

    • Henry Bauer said

      David Bailey:
      I don’t think so.
      If the SIV model were relevant, we wouldn’t still be wondering how on earth “HIV” actually kills off the immune system, and what the actual role of CD4 cells and “viral load” is and why neither of them correlates with clinical condition or prognosis.
      But I haven’t tried to learn about SIV in detail. Does it kill the immune system, or just produce “AIDS_like” diseases? After all, “AIDS” diseases are caused by other things than “HIV”, for example drug abuse. None of those diseases was new in the AIDS era.

      • lukas said

        i remember having read an important difference prof.Duisberg pointed out about SIV which is that it strikes monkeys soon after infetion and kill them,so the mechanism is completely different from hiv,which is claimed by orthodoxy to kill humans a decade later.

    • David Bailey said

      Ah yes – I found this statement on Wiki about SIV: “Unlike HIV-1 and HIV-2 infections in humans, SIV infections in their natural hosts appear in many cases to be non-pathogenic.”

      It leaves me wondering what the research by Ivona Pandrea was actually doing, because if SIV caused gut leakage, that would presumably be pathogenic!

  6. lukas said

    1 leaky gut and disbiosys can be diagnosed with modern techniks so it shouldn’t be a problem to fix them.If the theory works the dommage should be diagnosed statistically with higher incidence in hiv positive.
    2 I guess that continuos insults to the mucosal lining of the gut,are much more dangerous that a singol insult,with virus autoreplicating
    3 What impress me most is that cardiovascular diseases are not the first dieseases causing aids,but the only diseases that are in the high ranks:Pcp,cerebral toxoplasmosys,cryptococcosys etc they share only one characteristics oneanother:they are FUNGAL infection,not bacterial and they point to lack of oxygen as ideal habitat to thrive so that oxidative stress may play a higher role in their etiology.I know from my researches that lungs mucosal is the first place in the body to suffer if high oxidative stress is present

  7. Frank said

    In this fascinating talk by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, she links the rise in autism with the destruction of gut flora: “While Monsanto claims that Roundup is harmless because humans don’t have a shikimate pathway, which it inhibits, Seneff notes that our gut bacteria do have this pathway, and that’s crucial because these bacteria supply our body with crucial amino acids.”

    • Henry Bauer said


      Thanks for this. Quite some time ago I had noted Dr. Stephanie Seneff as someone whose views are really worth attending to — and then as usual didn’t get around to reading more about them….

  8. James Lovelace said

    When my friend was diagnosed with AIDS almost 10 years ago, I got back in touch with some of the HIV skeptics in the UK (none of them famous, so no point in mentioning names).

    One of them was a huge advocate of Glutathione, and he had been living with an AIDS diagnosis since the 1980s. However, as my friend’s health declined, I found out this HIV skeptic was also periodically taking ARVs. This was a shock for me, and I started to encourage my friend to consider them, at least to test them and see what happened.

    I have two friends, both on the same combo of ARVs. The health of both has improved since taking the ARVs. My view is that some ARVs work for the symptoms of some people diagnosed with some of the symptoms of AIDS. Should someone be “lucky” enough to fall into that category, I still would not expect them to live a long life and die of natural causes. One of my friends, on ARVs for the last 15 years, is now 50yo and has been diagnosed with a rare cancer. We don’t know yet if the very painful treatment he has had for this cancer has “worked” or not.

    However, I’m actually here to write about Glutathione. I’ve suffered from severe pain for over 10 years, with the result that for at least 3 years of that time, I was taking the maximum daily does of paracetamol (with codeine). Four years or so, the pain problems began to be so severe, I became suicidal. Many other “pain pharmaceuticals” were tried on me (Gabapentin, Amytryptillin, etc.). Finally, I have ended up on morphine. But I cannot take sufficient quantities of morphine and have anything like a normal life.

    The only explanation doctors had found for my pain, was “massive inflammation” in some of my joints, but no explanation for what might be causing this, nor for any treatment. I reached the point of feeling suicidal again.

    Some years earlier, at such a low moment, I went through every nutritional supplement I could, and the only thing I found which worked was glutathione (NAC). I could not understand how there could be any relationship between NAC and (immediate) pain reduction. I asked doctors and pharmacists, and the only answer they had was “placebo effect”. I gave up on NAC.

    Last August, when I reached my low point again, I went back to taking NAC. And I found that the more often I took NAC throughout the day, the less bad my pain was. I started to do my own research on medical articles related to NAC, and found…. Glutathione is key to the body reducing inflammation.

    And then I thought about this in reverse: how did I get my (atypical) inflammatory problems? Perhaps from taking so much paracetamol for 3 years?

    People who see me are struck by how agile I am now (no longer using a walking stick). But even if there was no visible sign, for me it is amazing to be able to sleep through the night without the pain forcing me out of bed after an hour or two.

    As I don’t know what the long-term effects of taking a lot of NAC might be, I’m trying to confine myself to only taking it at night (when the pain is worst). But the benefits of taking NAC regularly seem to be accruing.

    It saddens me to think that NAC could be useful in treating inflammatory pain like mine, but no doctors appear to know this. Considering the correlation between low Glutahione levels and illness in those given ARVs, I would hope that scientists would be examining this.

    Incidentally, in considering how I could have ended up with potentially minimal Glutathione levels, I discovered that scientist do not even know how paracetamol works as a pain-killer. But they clearly know enough about its toxicity to use NAC to save those who have overdosed on paracetamol. What a strange world we live in: what is probably one of the most commonly-prescribed medicines “works” to reduce pain but in unknown ways. If paracetamol can be prescribed when they do not know why it works, then it’s no wonder they should have no idea about what causes AIDS, nor why ARVs work for some people for some of the time.

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