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Poisonous “prophylaxis”: PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prevention)

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2014/04/08

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention has ballyhoo-ed “PrEP: A New Tool for HIV Prevention”  because Truvada has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for preventing HIV infection. Truvada — tenofovir (TDF) plus emtricitabine (FTC) — had been earlier approved (in 2004) for treating HIV infection.

The 4-page CDC Fact Sheet contains no adequate warning of toxicity; the closest is this recommendation: “Disclose to women that safety for infants exposed during pregnancy is not fully assessed but no harm has been reported”.

Media coverage included “Gay men divided over use of HIV prevention drug”; but the reported division was not over the feeding of toxic drugs to healthy people but over whether such prophylaxis might induce people not to use condoms. The story said nothing about the toxicity of Truvada.

But the official Treatment Guidelines, freely available from the National Institutes of Health, have much to say about toxicity:

Adverse Effects of Antiretroviral Agents (Last updated February 12, 2013; last reviewed
February 12, 2013)
Adverse effects have been reported with use of all antiretroviral (ARV) drugs; they are among the most common reasons for switching or discontinuing therapy and for medication nonadherence. . . . However, because most clinical trials have a relatively short follow-up duration, the longer term complications of ART can be underestimated. In the Swiss Cohort study, during 6 years of follow-up, the presence of laboratory adverse events was associated with higher rates of mortality, which highlights the importance of adverse events in overall patient management (page K-7). [In clearer language: these are deadly drugs that can and do kill]

TDF may cause kidney injury in some patients, particularly in those who have pre-existing renal disease or are receiving concomitant nephrotoxic drugs. In addition, TDF induces a greater decline in bone mineral density than other ARV drugs (page F-2).

Renal impairment, manifested by increases in serum creatinine, proteinuria, glycosuria, hypophosphatemia, proximal renal tubulopathy, and acute tubular necrosis, has been associated with TDF use. . . .
participants receiving TDF/FTC experienced a significantly greater decline in bone mineral density than ABC/3TC-treated participants page (F-14).
TDF/FTC — Potential for renal impairment, including proximal tubulopathy and acute or chronic renal insufficiency (Table 6)

[TDF and FTC are both NRTIs (nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors)]
Table 13. Antiretroviral Therapy-Associated Common and/or Severe Adverse Effects
Hepatic effects — reported for most NRTIs
Lactic acidosis —NRTIs
Nephrotoxicity/urolithiasis — TDF: ↑ serum creatinine, proteinuria, hypophosphatemia, urinary phosphate wasting, glycosuria, hypokalemia, non-anion gap metabolic acidosis
Osteopenia/osteoporosis — TDF: Associated with greater loss of BMD than with ZDV, d4T, and ABC.

Even Truvada’s own website acknowledges the serious risks of taking this drug:
What is the most important information I should know about TRUVADA?
TRUVADA can cause serious side effects:
Too much lactic acid in your blood (lactic acidosis), which is a serious medical emergency. Symptoms of lactic acidosis include weakness or being more tired than usual, unusual muscle pain, being short of breath or fast breathing, nausea, vomiting, stomach-area pain, cold or blue hands and feet, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, and/or fast or abnormal heartbeats.
Serious liver problems. Your liver may become large and tender, and you may develop fat in your liver. Symptoms of liver problems include your skin or the white part of your eyes turns yellow, dark “tea-colored” urine, light-colored stools, loss of appetite for several days or longer, nausea, and/or stomach-area pain.
You may be more likely to get lactic acidosis or serious liver problems if you are female, very overweight (obese), or have been taking TRUVADA for a long time [emphasis added. PrEP implies extended use, but the CDC Fact Sheet says nothing about long-term use increasing the risk of iatrogenic harm]. In some cases, these serious conditions have led to death. Call your healthcare provider right away if you have any symptoms of these conditions.
Worsening of hepatitis B (HBV) infection. If you also have HBV and take TRUVADA, your hepatitis may become worse if you stop taking TRUVADA. Do not stop taking TRUVADA without first talking to your healthcare provider. If your healthcare provider tells you to stop taking TRUVADA, they will need to watch you closely for several months to monitor your health. TRUVADA is not approved for the treatment of HBV.”

Serious side effects of TRUVADA may also include:
New or worsening kidney problems, including kidney failure. Your healthcare provider may do blood tests to check your kidneys before and during treatment with TRUVADA. If you develop kidney problems, your healthcare provider may tell you to take TRUVADA less often, or to stop taking TRUVADA. [But the CDC Fact Sheet warns that failure to take Truvada consistently may vitiate its PrEP benefit]
Bone problems, including bone pain or bones getting soft or thin, which may lead to fractures. Your healthcare provider may do tests to check your bones.
Changes in body fat can happen in people taking HIV-1 medicines.
Changes in your immune system. If you have HIV-1 infection and start taking HIV-1 medicines, your immune system may get stronger and begin to fight infections. This may cause minor symptoms such as fever, but can also lead to serious problems. Tell your healthcare provider if you have any new symptoms after you start taking TRUVADA.
The most common side effects of TRUVADA are:
In people taking TRUVADA with other HIV-1 medicines to treat HIV-1 infection, common side effects include: diarrhea, nausea, tiredness, headache, dizziness, depression, problems sleeping, abnormal dreams, and rash.
In people taking TRUVADA to reduce the risk of getting HIV-1 infection, common side effects include: headache, stomach-area (abdomen) pain, and decreased weight.
Tell your healthcare provider if you have any side effects that bother you or don’t go away”.

And of course there is the usual
“You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit, or call 1-800-FDA-1088”.
The ultimate purpose of this statement is to safeguard a drug’s manufacturer against lawsuits stemming from the drug’s toxicity, by pretending concern for patients.


A drug with known serious toxic effects,
which become more serious over time,
is being recommended for continuous use
and unlimited use in healthy people.

This would be bad enough

if HIV were actually an infectious agent causing serious illness,
which however it isn’t (see The Case against HIV

22 Responses to “Poisonous “prophylaxis”: PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prevention)”

  1. David Crowe said

    And we live in a rational society?

  2. realpc920 said

    The bright side is the drug company would make a lot more money, if their drug is used by healthy people.

    • Henry Bauer said

      True. That’s also why antiretroviral drugs have improved lifespan: “AIDS” sufferers used to be sick people, but increasingly since the early 1990s they have been perfectly healthy albeit “HIV+”, and so they are nowadays able to live longer despite the regimen of toxic medication.

      • realpc920 said

        Yes, putting healthy people on the drugs makes the drugs seem very safe and effective. Brilliant marketing strategy.

      • Onnie Mary said

        As an 8 years user of 5 kinds of regimens on the HAART combinations, the most important thing i am able to make sense of today 5 years after quitting and turning to Natural options is that – I never improved my quality of life when I was on HAART, prolong may be yes but the agony of death death letters that I wrote each night for the eight years was not worth the trouble at all.

        Sometimes I wonder what would be of me, if I did not come to your blog Henry Bauer? Something just got fixed when I began using Marc Swanepoels PhD regimen for AIDS. I seem to have been blessed with living out a truth some only find imaginary.

        Thank you for your blog one month after quiting HAART I met my today’s herbal companion. Nature’s attempt to restore a broken immune system is so gentle you wont know its taking place until you get reminded how bad things used to be.

  3. Rummel Mor said

    hello Henry, just attended a seminar at CalTech in Pasadena on the significance of gut bacteria on such conditions as MS, Parkinson’s, IBS, and Chrohn’s disease. It seems to be more and more obvious that our little friends in our gut do many more things than previously thought. Researchers are looking into their involvement in diseases such as depression, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric disorders. The field seems to be exploding. Wonder when they will get to investigating gut bacteria’s involvement in producing false HIV antibody test results and many of the conditions supposedly ascribed to HIV?

    • Henry Bauer said

      Rummel Mor:

      Thanks! Very interesting!

    • Karim D. Ghantous said

      When I heard about the importance of intestinal bacteria, a lot of things clicked into place. It all should have been obvious in hindsight!

      The problem is admitting it. Doctors do feel a sense of professional importance, backed up by a huge array of ‘medicines’. Will it hurt the professional ego to do nothing more than prescribe probiotics?

      Personally I believe that all persons should take probiotic supplements, even if they are healthy. It’s good insurance IMHO.

  4. Anyone can understand the motive of financial gain for pushing useless remedies upon healthy people. But when the false remedies are also extremely toxic, as is the case of ARVs, then the motive of financial gain is not a sufficient explanation, for there’s a clear intention to harm. What can this ulterior the motive be?

    • Henry Bauer said

      I think it’s cognitive dissonance, they don’t allow themselves to recognize that ARVs are dangerously toxic.

  5. Karim D. Ghantous said

    “If you have HIV-1 infection and start taking HIV-1 medicines, your immune system may get stronger and begin to fight infections.”

    This is a bad thing? Am I missing something?

    Anyway, Peter Duesberg reports what homosexual men were doing in the ‘bath house’ scene in the ’70s: taking antibiotics as prophylactics. This helped bring about AIDS in some people. We’ve come full circle!

    • Henry Bauer said

      Karim D. Ghantous:
      Yes, I take probiotics routinely now. I started after a bladder infection and several days on CIPRO gave me thrush (yeast infection, candidiasis) and it made me realize what could have happened to people who were taking antibiotics non-stop.

      That ARVs help immune system recover is an article of the HIV/AIDS faith. But then they have to explain why people get sicker, so they invent IRS: Immune Restoration Syndrome

  6. I found some choice statements in that fact sheet which I would like to highlight.

    “n November 2010, the multinational iPrEx study showed that a once-daily pill containing tenofovir plus emtricitabine was
    safe and provided an average of 44 percent additional protection against HIV infection among men who have sex with men
    (MSM) who were also provided with a comprehensive package of prevention services. These services included provision of
    condoms, monthly HIV testing, counseling to reduce risk behavior and encourage adherence to the daily pill regimen, and
    management of other sexually transmitted infections”

    Gee, do you think that using condoms and managing other infections is what gives the 44% additional protection? No, it couldn’t be.

    “It is not intended to be used in isolation, but rather in combination with other HIV
    prevention methods. If it is used effectively and by persons at very high risk, PrEP may play a role in helping to reduce the
    number of new HIV infections in the United States.”

    Those two sentences say a lot. “not intended to be used in isolation” = it’s redundant. “may play a role” = we don’t know what we’re doing and we’re covering ourselves legally.

    Perhaps – although this is too simplistic – some medications will increase the chances of a negative result from an HIV test. The opposite occurs when a person has intestinal dysbiosis, so it’s plausble.

    I’m not sure if I trust pharmaceutical trials anyway, as their goal is to give the medicine a pass.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Karim Ghantous:

      I think the fact sheet means that PrEP in addition to those others things increases protection by 44%. But I doubt those numbers, because all attempts to measure transmission rates came up with very low numbers, a few per thousand unprotected acts of intercourse. To see a 44% reduction from an already lowered number would require years of surveillance of a very large sample of couples or people.
      I agree with your important point, that “some medications will increase the chances of a negative result from an HIV test”.
      And of course a very large number of conditions can give rise to a positive “HIV” test-result, see Section 3 of The Case against HIV, especially 3.2 about “false positives”.

    • Onnie Mary said

      What does this mean – I wish to understand further. IRS: Immune Restoration Syndrome

      • Henry Bauer said

        Onnie Mary:
        IRS: When HAART was first introduced, many people receiving it became moree ill even though their CD4 counts or “viral load” got better. Higher CD4 is supposed to mean improved immune system. So it was guessed that somehow the better immune system was making people more ill. How that works has never been explained, it’s just said to be “inflammation” from the immune system working “too hard”.
        I think it’s all nonsense. HAART is what made those people more ill.

      • Onnie Mary Phuthe said

        Haart needs a heart. I have given my self over to nature and It’s hard to avoid the fear mongering, so the easy way is to just kind of Stay home and trust nature to reconstruct the body with the help of the body.

  7. Onnie Mary said

    A Dr from a reputable hospital in South Africa looked at my documents in 2007 and asked me “How have you survived until now so many years on these pills, personally every time I am forced to take the two weeks course of these heavy medications I feel like I am going to die each night”. These are the same Dr’s who wrote a script to my Botswana Dr saying ” All they see is HAART-induced disease of the peripheral nervous system”.

    My Botswana Dr brushed it off as one would blow a fly aside in milk to drink at the cattle post.

  8. I had been on NRTI’s for decades and only stopped at the beginning of the month due to an overwhelming litany of complaints that most physicians would mis-diagnose. I would rather die than take another nuke. In less than three weeks I’ve seen improvement in so many different parts of my body it befuddles me to know that this poison has been approved for use in healthy patients. Much has been made of Truvada’s kidney and bone density issues that docs zero in on these exclusively, ignoring other serious symptoms. Most chalk them up to a depression. BS! I will join any class action lawsuit against the manufacturer and FDA and I’m debating what to do with my ID doc.

  9. benedetto said

    I’ve just came across to this article in a very popular italian press (it seems they just want to promote Prep even here),

    and wanted to share with you the little gems one can find reading it:

    Daniel Sooangrin, a famous gay activist in New York, says: “it serves to reduce to the minimum the risk of getting hiv which, by the way, is still even in New York a DEVASTATING reality despite all the cures and the drugs avaliable..” and ” ..prep is showing NO MEANINGFUL side effects, at the moment..” but right afterwards he continues by adding: ” side effects can show up at your stomach and liver, and, with a prolonged usage other side effects add up to your kidneis and bones” so much so he also strongly recomends you to “get constantly monitored by your doctor, and have the blood tested routinely every two months”, as he diligently does. A genius!

    Another activist says;” the diffusion of prep is leading to a lesser usage of condoms, – hence the huge rise of other STIs – EVEN THOUGH doctors suggest to always use these pills along with condoms”. And, furthermore he says: whenever i have sex I feel a lot more relaxed than before, BUT not enough to have it without condoms or with hiv positive persons”. What’s the point of taking these pills in the first place then?? Mah!

    Madness aside, prof Bauer, is there any “progress” on this topic?

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