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Cervical cancer — An update to “HPV Insanity”

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2014/03/25

After posting “HPV insanity”, I had asked some technically competent people for comments on the press release touting lopinavir as a cure for “HPV infection”. That brought a highly informative albeit also highly technical article (McCormack et al., Individual karyotypes at the origins of cervical carcinoma”,  Molecular Cytogenetics, 6 [2013 ] 44.) in which actual cases of cervical cancer were successfully classified — independently of HPV infection or non-infection — by degree of disturbance of the cell’s chromosomes (aneuploidy, as opposed to the normal diploid state of paired chromosomes).

Peter Duesberg was one of the leaders of the erstwhile and unsuccessful search for human-cancer-causing viruses, and of the subsequent switch to considering activation of “oncogenes” as responsible for cancer. He has more recently been studying the possible role of aneuploidy, a condition in which cells acquire an abnormal complement of chromosomes: “Chromosomal chaos and cancer”, Scientific American, May 2007, 53-9.

2 Responses to “Cervical cancer — An update to “HPV Insanity””

  1. Only if you believe the link between HPV and cervical cancer, does the “press release” say anything about how use of lopinavir may cure HPV infection.

    It says, “The researchers believe their findings offer a potential cheap and preferably self-administered treatment that could eliminate early-stage HPV infections before these have developed into cancers…”

    (What is an “early-stage HPV infection?”)

    But the study reports only that lopinavir has been used in a novel fashion to successfully treat high-grade, borderline, and low-grade cervical cancer. How it does this is not reported, because how it does this is not studied.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Exactly. I had hoped that the Hampson’s would send me the full material to look for such data, but after a month I decided just to go ahead with my angry blog

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