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Progress in Rethinking AIDS

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2014/01/08

A prominent stockbroker prides itself on growing “one client at a time”. Rethinking AIDS (RA), too, grows as more individuals become educated about what the evidence is and what the truth is. In 2013, our numbers grew like this:

Self-acknowledged and well informed Rethinkers increased from 2838 to 2920 (by 10%).

The RA Facebook page increased from 1329 to 3057 members (by 230%).
For other countries (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, South Africa, Venezuela), the total increased from 1443 to 2543 (by 76%).

Followers of the RA twitter account increased from 129 to 165 (by 28%).

Testimonials at increased from 39 to 53 (by 36%).

The newly formed RA YouTube channel has 57 followers.

These percentage increases are remarkable and truly gratifying. They are a tangible demonstration of the success of RA’s outreach efforts. Enormous credit for these achievements is due to our President, David Crowe, and our Webmaster Frank Lusardi.
(As an old fogy who doesn’t text, doesn’t know how to do things on cell phones by waving his hand, and isn’t on and doesn’t use any social media, I was particularly delighted at the Twitter numbers which indicate that younger folk are catching on to the HIV/AIDS blunder.)

Just when that HIV/AIDS blunder will finally implode is anyone’s guess, since this Bubble is propped up by such powerful vested interests in major social sections: the pharmaceutical industry, medical practice, medical research, medical publishing, gay activism, politically correct activism . . . .
The science has been clear for a long time (summarized recently in The Case against HIV), but it requires informed socio-political action that can find the Achilles Heels of the powers that presently benefit from the side effects of the mistaken contemporary belief that continues to inflict so much harm on so many deceived, misguided people.

29 Responses to “Progress in Rethinking AIDS”

  1. Meaningless letter-sequence said

    I was particularly delighted at the Twitter numbers which indicate that younger folk are catching on to the HIV/AIDS blunder.)
    The modern tech is making it harder for us to keep secrets, but also making it harder for *them* to keep their lies unchallenged.
    The idea that sex really isn’t going to kill you is of course one that would spread enthusiastically among young people. The more educated downwards. The end is nigh!

  2. Fenix said

    Dear Dr. Bauer
    I have been following your work since 2008. I was diagnosed with HIV in 2003 when I was 19. The circumstances of that transmission were unknown which I think emboldened me to believe in a mistaken diagnosis. I have been following the HIV/AIDS dissident/reformist movement since those first fateful days. For ten years I have remained defiant, knowing that there was a terrible mistake having been made and I was going to do my part to try and right this wrong. I battled professors, club presidents, and doctors for years.

    I have recently however come up against a quandary; My health is failing. I’m 29 years old now and after numerous bouts of bronchitis this last year, I came down with PCP pneumonia last month and it almost killed me. My CD4 count was 4 and I had lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. My “viral load” has never been higher at 450k. I am having a clash of ideologies here. The research many in this movement present seems to indicate that I should be fine. I have lived my life by much of what has been presented as the “way not to get sick.” I’m a vegetarian, I am fit, I am young, I have good hygiene, I frequently eat wild strain probiotics, I have never had an STD, until last year I rarely ever took antibiotics, I’m married, I practice safe sex, I don’t do drugs or poppers and I drink maybe two glasses of wine a week. Yet there I was in a hospital bed scared and dying, almost entirely unable to breathe. I’m having a crisis of realities here. Everything I thought was correct for the last ten years has been shattered by this event. I feel like I’m standing here looking at the pieces scattered around my feet, without any concept of how to begin reconnecting my world again.

    Yesterday I went to my first HIV related doctor appointment. The recommendation was that I begin to take Truvada and Trivicay immediately. My defiance of this paradigm was still so strong even after this horrendous bout of pneumonia that I resisted for most of the two hour visit. At the end I finally gave in. I can’t put my family through another pneumonia episode like that. Let alone the possibility that this time it actually finishes me off. I cried as I took those first two pills last night.

    I feel so defeated, but I also feel like I have no choice. Everything I know is wrong, everything I thought I understood is under challenge. The internal codex I have been building for the last ten years is on fire. All I know right now is that people who are on their death beds with these particular test markers take these drugs. Those test markers improve to levels that resemble the normal population and they stop exhibiting many of the symptoms that they were previously experiencing. What does that mean? Is that totally insignificant? I was dying even though I avoided the behaviors that many say cause “AIDS.” How is that reconciled within this paradigm or my reality? Right now HIV is my only “health problem.” Even with PCP all of my blood work came in very routine and normal. Why is an otherwise healthy 29 year old male exhibiting diseases that indicate a failure in the immune system?

    I look forward to a reply, perhaps some advice or solace. I’m floundering here, I would really appreciate some guiding light.

    • Henry Bauer said

      I wish profoundly that I could offer useful advice myself. I’ve forwarded what you say to a couple of individuals who have been in a very similar situation, and to several doctors who have treated “AIDS” patients, and suggested that if they have useful things to say they could contact you directly, or via me, or on this blog. I hope for a timely response.

      • Fenix said

        I appreciate the quick response and your sending this on further. This experience has left me catatonic.

        Also I am in the San Francisco area, in case any of them are here as well. I feel completely surrounded, counselors generally follow the party line, and my HIV/ID doctor uses “HIV disease” as a catch all. It seems so intellectually lazy, is nobody curious enough to ask questions anymore? Reminds me of David Ho’s ITS THE VIRUS STUPID…

        I want to be on the side of truth here, but my foundations have been shaken to the core. I look forward to any future replies from your friends.

    • Meaningless letter-sequence said

      Henry’s reply is insufficient here.
      Nothing in Fenix’s account supports hiv-aids theory or challenges the “denialists”.
      “Diagnosed with hiv” – there’s no such diagnostic test. Perhaps you did indeed have weak immunity, as many do, nothing to do with hiv or aids.

      Then vegetarianism. Do you have Indian ancestry? Just about no other ancestry have been able to live healthily as veggies. Not least, a crucial thing for immune strength is GLUTAMINE. It is impossible for any ill person to get remotely enough glutamine from veg. Glutamine is the most important factor in fighting infections. Order a big lot of glut powder immediately from or wherever and stuff plenty down you, completely non-toxic (except to your wallet at least). Their unflavoured whey powder is also rich in it. (Other brands are carp.)

      Further, for any mucus membrane infection very high vit A is absolutely vital for rebuilding that tissue. You can’t get remotely enough vit A retinol from veg. You need to get some genuine halibut liver oil caps and take 10 a day as starting dose. I buy HealthAid brand from (I’m in uk). Order ten of the tiddly bottles or more. While waiting, some cod liver oils will do but they aren’t as strong.

      Also all the animals that produce their own vit C produce about equiv 10 GRAMS per day. You need even more but can’t get remotely near that from food. Get a large pack of vit C powder (e.g holland and barrett).
      Gradually increase dose till you get bowel looseness -then back off a bit. But an infected person can consume (i.e. NEED) 50 grams or even more per day.

      Also zinc and all the other nutrients not least vit b6 is very important for infections.

      It doesn’t suprise me in the slightest that you have an infection problem if you aren’t taking these essentials. Nothing to do with the scam started by Gallo and continued by a whole generation of pseuds thereafter. I hope you can afford these things. A lot cheaper than entering the pseudo-health system. Cheers and best wishes and tell the drug-pushers to eff off.

    • Meaningless letter-sequence said

      Also you didn’t mention whether you have “harmless” mercury “silver” fillings stored in your teeth – another great way to trash your immunity.

  3. Meaningless letter-sequence said

    Re dosages, glutamine and vit c are entirely harmless (except too much c results in overly interesting latrine visits). You may eventually get reversible overdose of A but not for weeks or months, and the risk of DeatH from underdose is far more of an issue (even though “medical experts” won’t tell you this). But zinc you need to ensure the correct balance with copper. Except if you are mercury poisoned in which case you usually need to avoid copper supplements like the plague (synergistic toxicity with quite grim albeit reversible symptoms, e.g. going bonkers).

    • Meaningless letter-sequence said

      I’ll just add that the last time I had ANY infection was 2001 when some children infected me with chickenpox in a stressful incident. I knew nothing about chickenpox till on a saturday night I suddenly realised the significance of the spots appearing on my head. But I had no glutamine with me (due to being very expensive back then). I had to wait till the monday for the shops to open. On the monday morning I was barely able to crawl at snail pace to a vitamin shop to buy glutamine. Within a few hours later I was back to life.
      I have three permanent pockmarks on my scalp/forehead. All the other pocks, from AFTER getting the glutamine, disappeared entirely without trace. Glut probably saved my life that week.

  4. Rogers said

    I wish Henry can update us on this case.

    Questions for Fenix: Do you always use a condom with your wife? is she positive/negative? Do you have children?

    • Henry Bauer said

      Fenix already mentioned “safe sex”. I’ve put his case to a knowledgeable doctor, and if there is any outcome of general interest I’m sure he will let us know.

    • Fenix said

      With the wife sex is mostly unprotected. We are 5 years running. Sex is usually a few times a week until recently. She is currently negative.

      My current belief is that the HIV test is an indicator of immune dysfunction, a red flag. Perhaps this immune dysfunction flag raises for a myriad of different situations and cofactors. There may exist or not, a transmissible element, but I’m not totally sure there is one in my case. Given the statistics on heterosexual male => female transmission, maybe we just havent struck gold yet. Its something like 1 in 10000. As much as I wish I had that many experiences… we have only probably had several hundred experiences. Only about 6% through that dice roll.

      Also, no children and there is no semen exchange. Hmmm… graphic.

      • Meaningless letter-sequence said

        Fenix, sex has nothing to do with your lung infections – the nutritional deficiencies have everything to do with it. Apart from the hiv-“aids” being utterly illogical pseudoscience anyway, there exists no valid (let alone reliable) test of hiv positive/negative [1] and it has been found almost impossible for a supposedly positive person to infect their parnter via sex [2]. The whole thing is just a pile of profitmaking lies. Sorry I can’t tell you the refs 1 and 2 above but you can soon find them on the web (or if HB knows his marbles he can put them here). Ditto all about how nutritional deficits cause immune failure.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Meaningless… et al:
        For sources about aspects of HIV/AIDS, please go to The Case against HIV

  5. K. Lee said

    New EM of Hiv

    • Henry Bauer said

      K. Lee:

      What I see are EMs of tissues, with some objects claimed to be virions. What’s the proof that they are?

      • K. Lee said

        Dr. Bauer

        I don’t know what proof there is, I just wanted to show the newest supposed image of HIV.

        They say they made electron tomograph of HIV-1–infected humanized mice.
        ‘Human immune cells were successfully engrafted in the mice, and following infection with HIV-1, human T cells were reduced in GALT…..

        and the editor comes from the pasteur institute, good old pasteur institute…
        Editor: Félix A. Rey, Institut Pasteur, France

      • Henry Bauer said

        K. Lee:
        Many years ago I worked in electrochemistry, and have long cherished a remark made by David Grahame, a truly outstanding and outstandingly humble and honest scientist. He declined to act as reviewer of a MS from someone whose work he knew to be inferior by saying that it is not productive to look for errors in other people’s work. That’s how I’ve come to feel about mainstream “HIV/AIDS” publications. They are ALL based on a wrong theory, which inevitably means that new “mysteries” appear all the time, which then provide apparent justification for further “research”, all of which is nonsensical because the fundamental premises are plain wrong.

      • Meaningless letter-sequence said

        Henry, Your latest comment consists of good content, apart from its “main point” (which I reckon I see halfway down), which is seriously unsound.
        A main requirement for progress in science is that wrong ideas have their faults exposed and are disposed of to make way for improved versions or entire paradigm shifts. The same in life in general. More generally, making “negative” but justified criticisms is something that should be valued and welcomed rather than decried as “unconstructive”. It is only false, nitpicking, pseudo-faults that are rightly held in contempt (as “not productive”), and in many people’s experience that unworthy criticism is what’s crucially wrong with the “peer review” system (which censors the hiv-aids literature not to mention most of med sci).

        Furthermore, declining to be a reviewer is an improper thing to do for two reasons.
        Firstly if you have the expertise to see the fundamental flaws in something then you are exactly the person who should be writing that review. Secondly, one editor wrote back to me that he was refusing my (still unfaulted) paper on the grounds merely that no-one was willing to review it – so your friend’s declining to review (and thus expose his criticisms to counter-criticism) could very easily amount to effectively collusion in censorship (and avoidance of proper engagement) anyway.

      • Henry Bauer said

        I suppose Grahame meant it would not be productive FOR HIM to be trying to find the errors, and he had better things to do with his time. Since the proof is clear that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, I see no point in trying to figure out what’s wrong with specific HIV/AIDS mainstream papers.

      • lukas said

        to meaningless:i think that progress in science comes only if a good theory is solid in its groundings.The evidence of its groundings must be shared and accepted with an open debate by all the prominent voices of the scientific world.And a theory with the consequent actions to counterplay its possible negative effects need to be smart.I think that all slow-virus theories are silly,not proven (as Duisberg claims)and don’t carry any form of advantage for humanity.Exemple:Any of us(at least in Europe) has eaten some steaks in the ’80ees that could have been contaminated with prions and science claims it takes till 45 years to develop in BSE.So you think it is smart to build up a tower of papers and poison people for 45 years in order to escape it?Would u think is smart to pass test to detect prions?Supposing the theory is right people would have died much sooner of organ failure due to toxic meds and all bse scientists would have been very happy to make the deceised escape the encephalopathy?Don’t you think is stupid all this and to review such papers if the entire paradigm is not sustainable?

      • Meaningless letter-sequence said

        Lukas – Your reply is hard for simple me to understand in places but I guess my correct reply is as follows.
        Hiv-aids theory is rubbish and has been firmly shown to be years ago. BUT the majority of “scientists” in the field still act as though it is not rubbish. They publish papers as though it is not rubbish.
        The debate has been won years ago in terms of facts and reason. But it hasn’t nearly been won in terms of what those “experts” are saying. So that won debate (or more exactly its publicising) has to be continued on every available front. And that means every time someone tries to publish yet another paper based on the hiv-aids rubbish theory, it should be challenged in the reviewing process. A message doesn’t get out just by sitting on a library shelf gathering dust and being read by booklice.

  6. lukas said

    Meaningless.i really don’t agree with you at all.In the same time a scientist like Peter Duisberg claims:”retroviruses are not pathogenetic”,with this simple sentence has demolished to pieces all the basis of any castle of research that can be built on this fake assumption.There is no need to be involved in any further lilliputian fight.Tomorrow a new scientist could correlate multiple sclerosis to a retrovirus,build a castle of research and receive blessing by media and politics,but who knows the wrong logic that is behind will no pay attention to it.You say that “majority of scientists act though is not rabbish”.In the same time,one discovers the wrong logic that is behind,that is how pharmacompanies and governments finance research one will not believe any paper which is based on a wrong assumption.Duisberg explained how all labs that were going to close ,were revitalized by the hiv ipothesys,so that as soon as money start to flood,scientists converted from a co-factorial ipothesys to a single pathogen ipothesys.The debate has not been won.It’s been simpy imposed which is quite different.And if you consider population is boosting,that means millions of unprotected sex acts,that is the proof humanity continues its path.I think that the debate will be won when people will start to ignore them.We have this incredible resource which is the internet.The “bioenergetic counterregolations and Th1 Th2 switch” of professor Heinrich Kremer,the “intestinal dysbiosys theory” of Tony Lance,the behavour and toxic ipothesys of Peter Duisberg,”the oxidative stress theory of the Perth group”all are proofs of smarter and alternative ways to look at the problem than a single,wonderful germ ipothesys,and all lay down there,waiting to be discovered.But people need to be less lazy and research the truth on their own,rather than accept passively from the mainstream “peer reviewed papers”.Only if this goal will be achieved ,the debate will be won.I ask you sorry,but english is not my language.

  7. Tatyana said

    [Blog Moderator: The link given is all in Russian. I would appreciate hearing from someone who can read Russian, whether this can be taken at face value]

    Dear Henry Bauer, help spread the petition!
    Hi everybody !! Dear friends we have prepared and published a petition forwarded to Russian Government –Our demand is TO STOP AIDS GENOCIDE !!! TO STOP POISONING OUR CHILDREN NEWBORN OR UNBORN !!! To Stop prosecute those who refuses “treating” of non-existent viruses using toxic drugs. PLEASE JOIN US, SIGHN THE PETITION !!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!
    Thank you!

    • Real Name Here said

      Currently only 97 signatures [on the Russian petition] but then it’s only just started a short while ago today. You should have mentioned that AIDS is a hoax that was started by Americans, a point that would go down well with the Moscow government!

  8. Tatyana said


    We, the undersigned, are writing to you with the requirement to consider our legitimate demands, given to us by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and to take action to stop the genocide of the population of our homeland, masked as non-existent AIDS epidemic.

    The whole theory of HIV / AIDS is based on studies conducted in 1983-1984, which resulted in the discovery of new retroviruses HTLV-III (T-lymphotropic virus type third) and LAV (virus associated with lymphadenopathy), then artificially combined and renamed in HIV (HIV), which was later considered as the cause of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

    The acronym AIDS (AIDS) was put into circulation by scientists at an international conference in July 1982 as a term defining human immunodeficiency sindrom.

    In 1987 the WHO Global Programme on AIDS was established and rogue scientists, government officials and businessmen with the help of the media has started the campaign of AIDS epidemic – calling it “Plague of the XX century.”

    Cowing the population of the world by epidemic of a new deadly diseases, a group of people interested in the guise of a fake fight, started removing huge financial profits, they started persecuting people with «AZT» (Zidovudine), which was invented in 1961 by Professor Richard Beltz (Richard Beltz) to fight the cancer, but was refused because of the high toxicity.

    Subsequently the scheme of poisoning people allegedly infected with HIV, has been supplemented with new types of chemicals and were called antiretroviral therapy. But, oddly enough, the doctors and scientists had known about the human Immunodeficiency long before the AIDS ERA , and it is proved that immunodeficiency occurs in the human body as a result of various factors such as the impact of the external environment conditions, as well as internal factors , including the effect of chemically active substances and in particular antiretroviral therapy.

    ARVs are very dangerous poison and have a huge number of side effects!

    To date, they have already spent more than $ 500 billion on AIDS FIGHT, but no one life has been saved as a result of all the combined anti-AIDS programs, the realization of which took so much money.

    Neither a vaccine nor an effective cure has been found and neither was there any independent studies conducted to confirm the HIV / AIDS theory. All research refuting this theory, they are called pseudo-scientific, and scientists who speak about the absurdity of the HIV / AIDS theory they are discriminated .

    It is no secret that the law of the Russian Federation dated March 30, 1995 № 38 – FZ “On the Prevention of Spread of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV),” was adopted under pressure and under the dictation of the World Health Organization with the financial pressure of credit institutions.

    What we have in reality today in Russia? Despite the huge budget allocated under the federal and regional programs for the modernization of medicine, every day we see clinics, hospitals and maternity homes closing! Sorely lacking qualified doctors and medical personnel, and for the treatment of seriously ill people have to collect money, they say, the whole world!

    Scientific medical research has ceased to be independent, they are supported by the grants given by pharmaceutical companies! Grant permission for the use of drugs produced abroad, is made not on the basis of verification of their impact on the human but on the principle of “recommended by WHO”!

    At the same time, we the updated AIDS centers opening with a new modern renovation and full accommodations to fight the AIDS epidemic ( according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 26, 2013 № 2555 – P) they will spent annually not less than 700,000,000 ( seven hundred million ) rubles on AIDS INDUSTRY! And it’s in a situation when real problems can not be solved because of lack of money They kill us, and we taxpayers still pay our destruction?

    The Employees of AIDS industry violate many constitutional rights and federal laws regarding patient ! Pregnant women in violation of the principle of voluntary testing for HIV infection , as well as the right to refuse medical intervention are being tested for HIV , the result of which does not confirm the presence or absence of HIV infection. And without further epidemiological investigations or any clinical signs of disease THEY GET THEIR diagnosis of HIV infection , and are forced to take highly toxic antiretroviral therapy .

    Annually, about three thousand patients of AIDS centers receiving this therapy, die, and all the deaths charged to AIDS, proving false official statistics of nonexistent epidemic. So according to the “Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare” in 2010 about 2787 of Russian citizens died taking antiretroviral drugs, while according to the “Federal AIDS Center” 2336 people died of AIDS in 2010,. That means that all the dead had died from ARV!

    And if the relatives of the victims are trying to find out the truth about the causes of death by law enforcement agencies, employees of AIDS centers destroy documents, falsifying facts in medical records, including corruption schemes to bribe law enforcement officers,

    Doctors prefer to deliver a fatal diagnosis of HIV infection, rather than the diagnosis and treatment of real diseases.

    Proceeding from the above, under the current legislation, we require:

    1. To Cancel, repealed the law of the Russian Federation dated March 30, 1995 № 38 – FZ “On the Prevention of Spread of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)” due to the absence of infectious AIDS epidemic based on coined the term HIV and illegitimacy its application in the framework of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

    2. To initiate the establishment of an independent commission to study the facts refuting whether HIV is the cause of AIDS.

    3. To prohibit the use of chemicals like ARV and their use as prophylaxis because of their devastating effects on the human body.

    4. Prohibit testing for HIV with the existing test systems due to their unreliability. To cancel all diagnoses of HIV infection, and encourage patients to a comprehensive survey of the state health clinics and other medical institutions of the Russian Federation.

    5. VOID the activity of AIDS centers acting as punitive bodies enforcing healthy population to violent poisoning with highly toxic drugs, whose job is not to preserve the health of people but the destruction of families and threatens the well-being of our society .

    6. Prohibit any propaganda on HIV / AIDS epidemic in the media.

    • Slava Bohu! said

      Excellent Tatyana, though I would have inclined to include the bit about the hoax being started by Americans as I suspect that would “butter some egos” in the Academies of Sciences, Kremlin and so on!

  9. K. Lee said

    I hope you’re doing okay fenix.

    And Tatyana, I shared the petition on facebook.

  10. Ivan said

    I think that more than one thousand signatures will not, because I’m sure that sane person is not paranoid does not sign. It is not clear on what idiots calculated content petition

    • aids denialism is a viral infection caused by hiv said

      Ivan, merely calling people “idiots” or “paranoid” does not persuade if not supported by any evidence or reasoning or demonstration of error.

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