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Mainstream discovers that “HIV” = intestinal dysbiosis

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/07/11

Mainstream discovers that “HIV” = intestinal dysbiosis — but fails to recognize that.


Correlation never proves causation.

“HIV” has never been isolated and purified and demonstrated to be an actual exogenous (free-standing) entity. All the evidence for “HIV” and what it supposedly causes consists merely of correlations, associations, with positive “HIV” tests.

The obsession with treating “HIV” as cause of anything where there’s a positive “HIV” test extends so far as blaming “HIV” for what antiretroviral drugs do: “Hidden in plain sight: The damage done by antiretroviral drugs”; “HAART makes things worse: Elsevier journal publishes HIV/AIDS heresies”; “HAART denialism, contd.”; “Living with HIV; Dying from What?”“AIDS deaths: owing to antiretroviral drugs or to lack of antiretroviral treatment?”  (for example, 150,000 deaths from AZT); “Talking of HIV’S magical powers…” ( causing bone fractures);  “State of HIV/AIDS denial: Carcinogenic HAART”; “Misleading is worse than lying — The case of ‘HIV-associated’ lipodystrophy”; “Protease inhibitors cause oxidative stress”; “HAART, heart disease, & lying with statistics”; “HAART kills hearts”; “Kidney-disease denialism (a special case of HAART denialism)”; “HAART causes strokes”.

The intestinal dysbiosis theory of Tony Lance and Vladimir Koliadin provides an explanation for a whole host of “HIV”-related phenomena and conundrums: What’s called “HIV” is actually a dysfunctional change in the intestinal microflora, in which the immune system in the gut is damaged and there is leakage into the blood stream of substances that induce positive “HIV” tests (What really caused AIDS: Slicing through the Gordian KnotAIDS as intestinal dysbiosisUnraveling HIV/AIDS).

But the mainstream doesn’t yet understand this, so it interprets research findings about the gut microflora and “HIV” tests in a bass-ackwards way; for example, “Gut Microbes Exacerbate HIV? Particular microbes in the colons of HIV patients may worsen disease progression”.

NO:  “HIV”  IS   a disturbance of the gut microflora


(Thanks to Mo for telling me of this latest story. Have a look at his blog and read his book about vitamin D, which I’ve recommended earlier )

15 Responses to “Mainstream discovers that “HIV” = intestinal dysbiosis”

  1. This implies, at least superficially, that patients taking antibiotics are more likely to test positive in HIV tests. (I strongly suspect that antibiotics are more over-prescribed than even antidepressants).

    If that is true, then if you wanted to fake a positive result (for similar motivations to those who wear neckbraces despite not needing them) you would just make sure you were on antibiotics before the test. So your blood sample and your dishonest answers to the questionnaire (I’m told this is an essential part of the HIV test, to determine prevalence) will likely give you a positive result.

    And if you were ill and wanted to fake a negative result in an HIV test, you’d take a bucket-load of probiotics. Mind you, in this scenario, the probiotics would possibly heal you if you took them for long enough!

    • Henry Bauer said

      Karim Ghantous:
      Yes and no!
      Statistically, on average, you’re quite right.
      In any individual case, one could not be sure.

  2. Jeson said

    It’s possible that it’s not leakage but rather the body considers the disturbance of the gut ,caused by frequent washing, as a foreign invader and therefore the body reacts as if there is an infection present. Also, by washing out the intestine the body is starved of nutrients similar to that of starvation.

    • Henry Bauer said

      I think it’s unlikely that frequent washing with water could cause reaction as to a foreign invader. L=Gut leakgae into the blood might produce an “HIV+” response without causing illness: about 50% of “HIV+” indivduals never seem to get sick as a result, see Matteo Payer Galletti and Henry H. Bauer, “Safety issues in didactic anatomical dissection in regions of high HIV prevalence”, Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology 114 (#4, 2009) 179-192,; also “What numbers mean: 50% of ‘HIV-positives’ are long-term non-progressors”,; also Duesberg et al., “AIDS since 1984: No evidence for a new, viral epidemic – not even in Africa”, Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology 116 (2011) 73-92.

  3. Tatyana said

    Dr. Bauer!
    Why no news from Marco Ruggiero? Here is what I found
    Page removed. That with him and his work?
    Thank you.

  4. Tatyana said
    it is true that he refused dissident views?

    • Henry Bauer said

      On 23 July 2012, Professor Ruggiero sent this e-mail:
      “Today I received an official, certified, mail from the Rector of the University of Firenze stating (improptu translation).
      … the inquiry could not find elements of responsibility that request sanctions…”
      In other words, complete absolution.”

      The allegations anonymously made against Ruggiero were found to be without any basis.

  5. Татьяна said

    I am very happy for him!!!
    Dr. Bauer!Thank you for this good news!So he did not change their views?When will the news?Once again-THANK you!

    • Henry Bauer said

      I believe Ruggiero continues to work on the line of probiotic treatment, and many of us are awaiting results with great interest!

  6. James said

    Here’s my take on this.

    My friend and I are long-term skeptics – we started in 1989 on reading Jad Adams book, and having healthy friends get diagnosed “with aids” on the basis of a “hiv test”, who then went rapidly downhill once on AZT. The friends who stayed on AZT died; those who took themselves off survived.

    Roll on to 2003 and my friend got serious stomach/digestive problems. If he ate anything the felt he would vomit, and had constant acid reflux. After about a year of this, he stopped eating. Months later he was skeletal, got pneumonia and was diagnosed as having aids. After months of doubting the benefits of “combination therapy” (a pharmaceutical blunderbuss), he started taking it. He thought this was probably going to kill him, but within 3 days he could eat without feeling nauseous, and a voracious appetite returned. He’s never had a recurrence of the reflux/nausea. He’s taken the pharmaceutical blunderbuss now for about 10 years.

    They keep him under regular checkups, where they monitor cholesterol levels, liver function, etc.

    Considering the 20 or so different “combinations” that can go into the blunderbuss, it’s not really a surprise that some of them work for some disease symptoms. That they need combinations and that these combinations keep changing means we’re not in the realm of science, but that of roulette. In his case, the roulette worked. But he is now so unsure that hiv skepticism is right, he will not stop taking the meds to see if the problem has been fixed. I fully expect to lose him early due to side effects of the drugs.

    On a simpler note, after 3 years of pain, I finally got the doctors to do a scan which would tell them if I had the physical condition which I maintained was the only explanation for the permanent pain I was in. And the scan verified what I said, and after a series of injections my pains have decreased by about 95%. Instead, for 3 years doctors were telling me I had some incredibly rare condition, and treating it will all manner of “off label” pharmaceuticals, none of which helped. In the last year, I was suicidal with pain, exhaustion, frustration and desperation.

    In my case, the simple solution was staring them in the face. And even when the patient was insisting that the simple solution should be considered, they rejected it. And it was a condition where an ultrasound scan would have been diagnostic within a minute or two. If they can’t get something as simple as that right, what hope is there for something more complex like acquired immune deficiency syndrome or gut dysbiosis?

    I’m tempted to sue them for ignoring what I said and leaving me in a state where I would get up in the night looking for ways to kill myself to stop the pain.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Thank you for the informative comment. Your friend’s experience illustrates the aspect of “HIV/AIDS” that most troubles me, not least because I have personal contacts who are in the same situation: HIV+ individuals who become ill from some non-obvious cause. From Germany, the testimony of Drs. Sacher and Koehnlein is that they use ARVs as a last resort when other approaches haven’t worked and the cause remains undiagnosed, because ARVs are such excellent killers; but they use only short periods of ARV treatment.

      Doctors are constrained to practice orthodoxically, many because they are part of a system and all of them because if they do anything idiosyncratic and it turns out bad, the threat of malpractice suits arises.

      An objective factor is that everything is not understood. One possible reason for illness after a long latent period is undiagnosed syphilis, about which John Scythes has written quite a bit. Undiagnosed Lyme disease is somewhat similar, one person I know has been completely disabled by it, another person here was diagnosed only after many months of speculative treatments.
      I’m just recovered from a fractured rib which occurred without known cause, no fall or blow. But I’m extremely fortunate in having a physician who is not overbearingly dogmatic, he discusses things with me and lets me decide after he’s given his opinion and advice. Everyone should be so lucky!

      I have a couple of friends whose doctors prescribed statins for them; unwilling to contradict their doctors, they fill their prescriptions but don’t use them, though one friend takes a pill just before his doctor’s visit in case there’s a blood test to check up whether he’s taking it… And I’m personally convinced that another of my friends was killed by statin, see “Statins weaken muscles by design”.

      • domy said

        Dear dr Bauer,
        i wish to know your opinion about the controversial conception of the “long latent period” that interposes between the occuraance of an infection and the time when symptoms get manifest.According to Duesberg this is a false model,it is not possible a virus strikes now and sickness gets manifest years later.In his book he extends this also to syphilis,denying the tie between last stage of the disease and primary infection.According to him the theorization of “slow” virus which lies dormant and hiding is only a theoretical costruction that is needed to fill the gap.Thx you.

      • Henry Bauer said

        There is no latent period, see “‘HIV disease’ is not an illness”,; “No HIV ‘latent period’: dotting i’s and crossing t’s”,

  7. domy said

    The leaky gut theory can explain many things…80% of the immune system works in the intestine. If the membrane leaks, the not-processed food may intoxicate the blood, which after many years might explain the paradox of the latent period the orthodoxy uses. It could lead to immunodeficiency as the system is stressed in the fight against exogenous proteins. The ailments of severe gut dysbiosis are similar to AIDS, such as candida in mouth and intestine and respiratory symptoms.. That diarrhea is one of the first signs of HIV indicates the gastro tract as first actor. I think AIDS is a metabolic syndrome, not infectious.

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